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As you may know, the personal liability insurance policy is systematically and compulsorily integrated into every home insurance quotes, otherwise called MRH. But what is it exactly? And what does privacy really include? Let’s take stock together on this enigmatic guarantee.

What is the civil liability guarantee?

The third party liability cover covers damage that you may cause by carelessness or negligence, and therefore unintentionally, to another person. This is also valid for any object or animal that you have “under your care”, according to article 1384 of the Civil Code. The very concept of civil liability guarantees is based on civil liability as it has been governed by Article 1382 of the Civil Code: “any fact of any kind, which causes damage to another, obliges the person by fault which he managed to repair. Everyone is responsible for the damage he has caused not only by his own doing but also by his negligence or imprudence. ”

You are therefore liable for any of your actions that may cause harm to others but also for any damage caused by an object belonging to you or by your pet. If you have a homeowner’s insurance, it is your home insurance quotes that will then be responsible for the costs of any damage caused in this context.

More concretely, this guarantee will cover the costs of repairing the hedge of your neighbor that your dog has carefully gnawed, compensation to your neighbor whose tooth you have broken by accidentally closing the door on it or the repair of the your neighbor’s window damaged by the fall of your ladder.

What is the scope of the private liability cover?

Civil liability not only covers damages that you may unintentionally cause to a third party, but also extends to the actions of the people for whom you are responsible. This may be for your minor children or a senior dependent for example. More specifically, anyone who officially resides under your roof is protected by your private liability cover.

These rights holders can also be people who work for you punctually as your housekeeper, babysitter or gardener. Finally, it can also be your pets which must however be declared to your insurance beforehand.

Be careful, your actions harmful in the course of your professional life cannot be supported, unless you have signed a contract to this effect. The private liability insurance which forms part of the home insurance is valid only in the private setting, as its name indicates.

Is home insurance mandatory?

Have you just moved into your home and are wondering if home insurance quotes is mandatory? Here is the answer to the question you are asking yourself.

Your status: owner or tenant?

It is your status that defines the obligation or not to insure you. If you rent your home, then you have an obligation to insure yourself. If you are a homeowner, you do not have to take out a home insurance policy.

Why is multi-risk home insurance mandatory for a tenant?

The tenant is responsible for any damage he may cause to the building. He will therefore be obliged to repair the damage caused. To cope with these risks, the law requires the tenant to insure his housing: it is about the guarantee of the rental risks (GRL).

home insurance quotes “rental risks” covers damage in the event of fire, explosion or water damage. On the other hand, the damages that would be caused to the neighbors are not included: for this it will be necessary to subscribe the guarantee recourse of the neighbors and the thirds which is optional. In addition, LRG does not cover tenant property that may be damaged.

Please note that the owner may require a certificate of insurance when handing over the keys. In the absence of home insurance, the termination of the lease may be provided for in the rental agreement.

However, there are exceptions to this obligation in case of:

Seasonal rental

Staff housing

But you will still have to compensate the owner if you are responsible for damage to the rented accommodation.

What is the interest for an owner to take out home insurance?

Subscribing a home multi-risk is not mandatory for an owner. Be careful however, in case of fire for example, no compensation will be paid to you if your responsibility is recognized. And in case you are not responsible, it will be your personal responsibility to appeal against the person or persons responsible.

Therefore, even if the home insurance is not mandatory, in practice it is imperative to ensure to keep the peace of mind.

Note: a condominium unit must be insured, at least with respect to civil liability.

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