The Tinted Windows For The House, Protective Tint For Your Window

Fashion phenomenon or true ecological asset, the home window tint are in the air time. Although common on cars, which they often provide in a showy way, tinted windows are less common in homes and buildings. And yet, they discover very interesting properties in this period of energy savings.

The installation of home window tint glass is no longer a complex and expensive operation, thanks to the use of a specific home window tint film, which is installed in a few hours on existing windows. This high-tech sticker is offered by several manufacturers, and can be easily installed by a technician from the Odium group (90 installation centers in US).

Individuals are more and more interested in this type of product, because it brings several advantages, according to the declensions.

Solar protection and energy savings

The solar film is one of the accessories of the moment to improve the insulation of the house and save energy. In summer, it filters the solar radiation and thus reduces the temperature in the living rooms. In winter, it keeps the heat inside, and thus prevents energy loss.

A revival of intimacy

Many homeowners fear prying eyes and want to keep their privacy to protect their property. Some parts of the house (eg offices) also gain less visibility from the outside. To meet this specific need, there is a range of opaque films or mirror effect films.

More protection

Lastly, it is interesting to mention that some films are designed to improve safety and make windows more robust. While they do not prevent break-ins, they nonetheless play an important retarding and dissuasive role for burglars.

There are many other benefits brought by the treatment of glazing on a home … Do not miss to ask an Odium specialist for a solution adapted to your needs!


Known for automobiles, the home window tint is less for windows of buildings, houses or apartments. Yet the installation of this equipment provides many benefits that are far from negligible: reduce energy expenditure, preserve its privacy, and protect glass surfaces … There are different shades and different opacities to make it an asset in the layout and decoration of his home. The installation of a solar building film is also more and more trendy.

A sun protection system with multiple advantages

Solar films designed to be placed on the windows of a home or business premises are very useful equipment for individuals and professionals.

Achieve energy savings

The tinted film will prevent UV from entering the home, which will prevent the temperature from rising too much. Indeed, it will fight against the greenhouse effect. Air conditioning needs will be reduced. But the use of air conditioning has an impact on the electricity bill.

Protect the environment

While electricity or gas is not an environmentally responsible source of energy, installing a solar film for buildings will allow you to use them less for air conditioning. This reduces your environmental impact. Moreover, it does not require any source of energy to operate.

Protect yourself from outside eyes

There are different degrees of opacity in tinted films, which helps preserve the privacy of certain rooms, such as an office or bedroom. It is even possible to apply mirror-effect films. This is also quite common in companies and quite possible in individuals.

An opaque home window tint can be very useful when you are in an apartment on the ground floor and some windows are directly on the street.

An undeniable security asset

A window equipped with a solar film for building will break less easily than a conventional window. The film will hold the ice scraps. So it’s a great way to secure glass openings in your home, office or business.

5 Custom Mugs Ideas To Offer The Perfect Gift

Do you have any ideas for your gifts? Our custom mug ideas will allow you to create a unique gift box by simply adding a few extra touches.

We have listed 5 unique gift box ideas based around the personalized Personalised Coffee Cup  . You just have to create your mug and find the little extra touches.

It’s easy to create and it will give a smile every morning to anyone who offers it … the person will think of you every time they drink their coffee.

For more gift ideas, read our guide on how to create personalized gifts in less than 10 minutes .

  1. The tea set

This thoughtful gift is super easy to create, and will be very useful in the kitchen. Pack different types of tea in transparent bags and tie them with tea name tags. To make the gift even more special, you can describe the properties of each tea on the label. For example … chamomile tea for peaceful nights

Perfect for … a mom who loves tea

  1. The chocolate box

Encourage your friends to create their own delicious hot chocolate in their Personalised Coffee Cup -personalized by giving them a variety of chocolate bars that they can melt into a succulent drink. Add some marshmallow and a spoon to mix and everything will be ready. You can even include chocolate spoons to go faster. Then you just have to add milk.

Perfect for … a friend who loves sweets .

  1. The coffee box

We all have a colleague who never sleeps until 10 am without a cup of coffee. Make them happy with this gift box full of attention. Pack coffee beans in individual kraft paper bags and close them with labels describing the type of coffee. Then add a short description on its aroma. For example … nutty and rich taste, or sweet and fruity Add a coffee maker if you really want to pamper it or spoil it.

  • Perfect for … a coworker addicted to caffeine
  1. The gardening cabinet

Planting a festive plant in a mug is an original way to introduce some greenery into their home. You can use an inspirational quote on the Personalised Coffee Cup  or a cute message like “water me every day”. Include a small shovel in your box so that they can replant it in the small vase if the roots become too long.

  • Perfect for … close to the green hand
  1. The cake box

It has never been easier to make a cake than with this simple recipe! Provide all the ingredients for a baking pastry chef to make his own cake in his Personalised Coffee Cup  They simply pour all the ingredients into the mug, cook for about 1 minute and decorate it as they please. We love whipped cream and icing sugar.

Perfect for … bakers in the making

If all these ideas made you want to give away gifts, go browse our creative ideas  on the blog to find even more inspiration.

You can also share this post with your friends and family on social networks using the icons below to encourage them to become creative too!

Procedures When Windows 10 Creators Update Does Not Install

Some users complain that they can not install the download windows 10 iso  Creators Update v1703 upgrade on their system .

Apart from any error message specific to this problem, the users affected by this problem indicate that it always returns to the previously installed version. Normally, the system must restart without the upgrade. But some users report that the installation hangs at half or 75% of the update, and then reboots sharply.

Unfortunately for many users the Windows Update Troubleshooter does not fix the problem

In this kind of situation, try the basic steps that follow when a Windows update fails to install. In addition to these steps, some of the following items could also be useful and therefore tried:

Note: some links are in English

1 – Check the integrity of the system files

Open the command prompt as administrator, type or copy / paste the command  sfc / scannow and confirm with Enter

Note: Unlike anything that can be said on the web, we can also use this command without space between SFC and / SCANNOW unless we use PowerShell

: Do not close this Command Prompt window until the check is complete. The analysis results are displayed after this procedure is complete.

More info: System File Checker

plete, if no problem has been detected, you will get the following message: ” The Windows Resource Protection program found no integrity windows 10 iso

If problems have been detected and you get the following message:

” Windows Resource Protection found damaged files, but failed to fix them all . ”

Please see the following article: Using DISM to repair Windows 10

2 – Delete the $ WINDOWS. ~ BT   and $ Windows. ~ WS folders

Show hidden files and. Open File Explorer and in the tabs at the top, select the View tab .

In the Explorer banner, check the ” Hidden Elements ” option .

Windows. ~ BT and $ Windows. ~ WS folders are created by Windows during the upgrade process. In the case of an upgrade that fails, it is best to delete the folders and start the upgrade process again.

You can delete some files and folders after upgrading download windows 10 iso  using Windows Disk Cleanup ( cleanmgr.exe ), right-click Disk Cleanup and select ” Run as Administrator “. You will see an option ” Previous installation (s) of Windows “. Check this option, view and verify other options and click Yes

. This will erase ~ 25 GB to see more disk space. When you select this option, the Disk Cleanup tool deletes the Windows.old folder as well as the $ Windows. ~ BT folder , but not the $ Windows. ~ WS folder .

advise you to delete these two folders $ Windows. ~ BT and $ Windows. ~ WS , as well as the folder Windows.old , only when you are sure that your installation of download windows 10 iso  is working well and that you do not plan to restore your computer. Otherwise, you will get the message ” Sorry, but you can not go back.” The files we need to take you back to a previous version of Windows have been removed from this PC ” The period during which you can perform a restore to the previous version of Windows 10 is 10 days (imposed by Microsoft). unless you use a disk image made with third-party software

At The Chance Of Causing The Organisation’s

fans to acquire for his or her pitchforks
big E
at the risk of inflicting the organisation’s lovers to reap for his or her pitchforks, this writer believes the state-of-the-art Day have misplaced a piece of sheen these days. they are although capable of being enjoyable, but matters are not quite just like when they have been one in all uncooked’s weekly highlights throughout that record-breaking Tag call reign between 2015-2016.

New Day need a rethink, and wwe instagram modern ought to do masses worse than spending a few hours on big E’s wwe instagram and Twitter money owed to appearance certainly how a splendid deal man or woman he has.

E is constantly hilarious, not often (if ever) takes himself appreciably and by no means seems as a manner to hold a right away face in photographs. His number one interests look like dressing up, goofing spherical with former wwe instagram Diva Kaitlyn and fawning over shoes. yes, footwear. On Twitter, he’s taking the strangest fitness center selfies you are ever in all likelihood to look, talks approximately cartoons/toys from his children and is essentially the big E SmackDown’s writers cannot appear to show. maybe that New Day magic will go back if the team end up returned on uncooked. maybe.

Xavier Woods
large E’s New Day pal Xavier Woods is more than only a trombone-gambling wrestler far from WWE’s cameras.

For some cool perception into Xavier’s records and personality, check out his appearance on talk Is Jericho from 2016 and his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel. There, his love of all matters video video games comes to the fore, and he isn’t always on my own; you’ll be amazed by the use of the amount of wwe instagram stars, collectively with Seth Rollin’s and AJ patterns, who love gaming.

the ones men have nicely-advanced characters and featured spots on television however. Woods, thinking about the truth that shifting to SmackDown very last year, has been featured a touch lots less. he’s in reality not had the identical stage of consciousness that a few sharing screen time on his gaming channel have.

Xavier’s large kind of interests should be a part of his individual in WWE in preference to a unusual aspect-venture he rarely receives to talk about.

Youtube Hardens Its Monetization Rules

The Google subsidiary is seeking to regain the trust of advertisers by raising the accessibility criteria for video monetization.
Bad news for Youtubeurs: now, it’s not enough to make more than 10,000 views on a video to start receiving advertising revenue. To regain the trust of advertisers, the Google subsidiary has decided to tighten its access rules to the ” YouTube new policy 2018 .

As of February 20, the channels will have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time over the previous year to monetize their videos on the platform. This is a necessary but not sufficient condition. YouTube still reserves the right to remove advertising from channels that violate its policies.

YouTube refuses to say how many channels will close the ad tap. But according to the group, 99% of affected creators today earn less than $ 100 a year. Cyprien or Squeezie do not have to worry.

At the bedside of advertisers

Second important change: YouTube will greatly simplify the way it allows advertisers to select the types of content they want their ads to appear on. The platform has divided its inventory into three parts, depending on the more or less secure nature of the videos. Advertisers reluctant to attach their name to any floral subject or vaguely suggestive image will one click choose the most prudent option, even to reduce the scope of their campaigns.

To top it off, YouTube has also promised to comb through its premium inventory, Google Preferred. Billed more expensive to advertisers, this subset includes the 5% of channels on which the engagement of the users is the strongest. The group has committed to manually review the videos currently enjoying the label, which should take him until the end of March for France. And all new “Preferred” content will be endorsed by humans in the future.

2017, a year of brand boycotts

With this salvo of ads ,; Youtube is looking to end a series of controversies that began last March when leading brands generating millions of advertising dollars, such as AT & T, Verizon, Pepsi, McDonald’s, L’Oreal and Walmart, pulled out of platform to no longer be associated with videos inciting hatred or terrorism.

In response to this “very small” problem, the platform announced in April a first update of its advertising use policy. The idea was to integrate more artificial intelligence into the system and give more control to advertisers on where they appear. It was also at this point that Youtube set the threshold of 10,000 views for a creator before starting to monetize his videos. But it was not enough.
Will these changes be sufficient? Youtube has to juggle on one side with the requirements of advertisers, who try to reach a young audience through their advertising, but also with the complaints of many creators, who believe that the platform should allow them more to monetize their work.

The Google subsidiary, which derives the majority of its revenues from advertising, ensures that these decisions aim to keep “spammers, imitators and bad people away … while continuing to reward those who make their platform great “.

To achieve this, the group intends to continue hiring in 2018, to reach 10,000 people dedicated to the validation of content in the course of the year. This army of moderators will not miss work: 400 hours of content are posted every minute on the portal.

How In Room Television You May Bring Extra Up To Daters Updated Inn


despite the elevated leisure options up to datemers have via era, tv up to date beupdated a primary amusement generation for the duration of a hotel live. optik tv on the go The 2017 up to date Intentions Survey from The hotel afwiwireless of Canada located that 53 in line with cent of up-to-date rated up to datep rateupdated HD television offerings as critical updated their resort live. clearly up to daters see the signiwiwireless of wi-fiupdated in-room television and hold excessive expectancies for the hotel they pick out up-to-date provide a wi-fiwireless product.

The obligation rests on the resort — the higher your tv supplying, the happier your up-to-date will be.

comparable tales

sun Peaks Grand hotel and conference Centre Selects eleven and TELUS up-to-date up to dater c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a revel in

Dispelling not unusual myths approximately inn

lodge net services’ BeyondTV answer Is the first up-to-date integrate an Alexa digital Concierge inupdated the tv device presenting the enterprise’s First and handiest up to dateoverall Guestroom leisure enjoy

TELUS up-to-date release country wide Hospitality c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a for inns across Canada

At domestic, clients probable have up to date up-to-date all styles of tv leisure options – from cable television up-to-date Netflix, CraveTV and other on-call for services, so the resort enjoy needs up to date compete with the myriad of choices up to date be had at home. A preferred cable line-up will surely no longer meet growing visiupupdated needs. Hospitality answer carriers like TELUS have superior capabilities that meet the wishes of hoteliers and are sure up-to-date pride up to date. right here are wi-fi tips up-to-date assist make certain you are becoming the most out of your tv amusement.

search for a company that gives you a wide range of up-to-date HD channels up to date select from and permits you up to date create your personal up-to-date up-to-date enjoy. as an instance, with TELUS Optik television for enterprise, hoteliers can choose from over ninety HD channels updated design your personal unfastened-up to date-guestupdated channel line-up. while up to daters switch on the television, they’ll be greeted via your cusupdatedmizable menu which includes your inn brand, imagery, and even wi-fi. TELUS optik tv on the go television for commercial enterprise may also offer up-to-date with neighborhood climate data, maintain them 3177227fc5dac36e3e5ae6cd5820dcaa with RSS information feeds, promote hotel offerings and amenities, and can even generate additional revenue by which includes advertising from nearby companions.

give your up to daters as up to datensupdated preference as they could get at domestic – and greater. With TELUS optik tv on the go for enterprise guestsupdated can add man or woman channels, theme packs, and multicultural channels over and above the standard channel lineup from the television menu, growing the potential up-to-date the particular viewing requirements of up-to-date at no incremental price up to date the lodge. up-to-date will love that they never up-to-date pass over their favorite shows at the same time as on the street.

ensure your issuer has a high-quality selection of on-demand wiwireless, tv suggests and greater, and permits guestsupdated updated buy Pay consistent with View activities. make certain your company can bill extras without delay up-to-date guestupdated credit cards up-to-date protect up-to-date privateness and decrease complexities up-to-date visiupupdated folios.

Bolster your television carrier with additional entertainment by imparting a massive type of unfastened song channels updated cater up to date all up-to-date’ tastes and assist them enjoy the comforts of domestic. TELUS optik tv on the gotelevision for enterprise consists of Stingray music, with over 70 channels of commercial-free tune up-to-date in every visiupupdated room. guestsupdated can test out what’s gambling next and consider album art, proper on their television up-to-date, at no additional price.

search for a issuer that could unfastened up your workforce from handling technical problems with the aid of presenting loose, each time guide immediately up-to-date up to daters. as an example, the TELUS 24/7 assist table is blanketed at no extra cost up to date you or your guestsupdated. up to daters can without a doubt name a up-to-datell-loose number if they ever need assist with technical issues at the same time as looking optik tv on the go television for enterprise.

In Depth Couples Remedy Retreats (Marathon Marriage Counseling)

while your relationship is in distress, you need an answer to be able to fast and efficiently make a long-lasting effect.

in depth couples therapy is a valuable, efficient way to reconnect, heal past hurts, and make stronger your bond as a couple. when you are securely connected as a pair, you could clear up any problem more without difficulty.

My in depth intensive couples therapy  Retreat choice is designed in an effort to take a seat down, unplug, and know that you’re receiving the gold preferred of expert marriage counseling: Emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT) and Gottman method couples remedy,  of the most researched and powerful couple treatments to be had.

hung on Lopez Island in the global-elegance beauty of Washington kingdom’s San Juan Islands, we will move via months of weekly couples remedy in just two to a few days. The retreat layout is a really perfect preference for people with busy schedules and a calming getaway from Bellingham, Seattle, and past.

extensive couples therapy is designed for couples who:

preference results quick

Are experiencing sizable distress of their courting intensive couples therapy

might also have difficulty attending weekly therapy due to scheduling conflicts or work commitments

desire a excessive stage of privateness for the duration of the therapy system

blessings of in depth couples therapy:

Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney enables you’re making progress quicker

Many couples discover it easier to take a few days completely off paintings than take a few hours every week for traditional classes

Lopez Island is a beautiful and unique retreat placing to focus on your courting

touring to a counselor can come up with more anonymity for the duration of the therapy process, in addition to respite from the demands of each day lifestyles

The technology and high fulfillment rate of EFT

i am certified in Emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT), formulated by means of Dr. Sue Johnson, which is scientifically confirmed to be the handiest treatment for distressed couples. In truth, it’s far two times as powerful as the subsequent maximum successful treatment. intensive couples therapy EFT often works when different types of couples remedy has failed.

studies shows that EFT facilitates 70-seventy five% of couples recover from excessive distress to expand a at ease connection, and ninety% of couples improve. What’s first-rate is that the effects are lasting, even for couples at excessive danger for divorce.

With EFT, I help couples beef up their bond and heal the underlying reasons for battle. This takes the gasoline far from the hearth, so when ability struggle conditions stand up, couples are capable of stay linked and navigate as a group. when we paintings together in this way, maximum couples document feeling in the direction of every aside from ever before.

about Guttmann method couples treatment

Uniting the know-how and expertise of almost 40 year of educations and scientific exercise, Gottman technique couples treatment enables pair break finished fences to gain more information, connection, and intimacy of their relationships. through studies-primarily based interventions and sports, it’s miles a structured, aim-orientated, scientifically-based totally therapy. Intervention strategies are primarily based upon empirical records from Dr. Gottman’s have a look at of extra than 3,000 couples. This research shows what in reality works to help couples attain a protracted-term healthful relationship.

With Gottman technique couples remedy, I help couples research and exercise the capabilities that Dr. Gottman’s studies has shown leads to long-lasting, happy marriages