Market Price And Market Value

See: Orders of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia of July 20, 2007 N 256 “On approval of the federal standard of assessment” General notions of assessment, approaches to assessment and requirements for assessment (FSO N 1) “and N 255” On approval of the federal standard of assessment “Purpose estimates and types of value (FSO N 2) “// Russian newspaper. 2007

What should a bailiff follow when making an assessment?

Price and market value:

First of all, attention should be paid to the fact that the Law on Enforcement Proceedings uses such a term as “market price”. ——————————–

In economic theory, the terms “price” and “value” carry different meanings of meaning. Under the value is commonly understood the monetary value of the consumer utility of the property, and the price is the amount of money for which the economic good is sold and bought. Thus, price is a form of expression of the value of goods, manifested in the process of their exchange. In this formulation, there are two fundamental aspects. First, the direct connection of the price of a commodity with the value and usefulness that it possesses as an object of consumption is emphasized. Secondly, according to this interpretation, the price of a commodity is manifested as an economic entity only when it is exchanged for money or another commodity. Consequently, out of the market, without a sale, there is no need to talk about price, only the market is able to set the price.

From the above it follows that in the conditions of free sale of property on the open market (that is, not at regulated prices), the price at which this property is bought and sold

Maybe this is why the phrase “market prices” is not used in the Federal Law “On appraisal activity in the Russian Federation”, and its concept of price is already incorporated as market value. In addition, in the sense of the Federal Law “On appraisal activity in the Russian Federation”, the result of professional appraisal activity is the establishment of a market or a different value, but not a market price.

So, the subject property of a professional appraiser can be a specific property and its consumer utility, the purpose of an appraisal of a professional appraiser is to determine the value of the property (but not its price), and the price is set by the market.

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Hues, in accordance with paragraphs 4, 5 of the federal standard of valuation “General concepts of appraisal, approaches to appraisal and requirements for appraisal (FSO N 1)” when determining the price of an appraisal object, the monetary amount proposed, requested or paid for evaluation by participants of a perfect or planned transaction; in determining the value of the property being appraised, the estimated value of the property being evaluated is determined, determined at the valuation date in accordance with the selected cost type. Making a deal with the object of valuation is not a necessary condition for establishing its value.

It is interesting to pay attention to the fact that in the Law on Executive Procedure the term “cost” is used rather arbitrarily. For example, according to paragraph 4 of Art. 91 of the Law on Enforcement Proceedings, the bidding is declared failed if the person who won the bid did not pay the full value of within five days from the day of the bidding. In this case, we are talking about the price of a particular concluded transaction, at which the property must be paid, i.e. obviously, the payment should have been made at the price (and not the cost) of the contract concluded at the auction. Thus, the term “value” is used here as a sum of money offered and requested for the property by the parties to the transaction, i.e. in fact, we are talking about price, and not about cost as an estimated value.

At the same time in h. H. 8, 9, Art. 87 and Part 2 of Art. 89 of the Law on Enforcement Proceedings, the term “value” is used as a calculated value by which the property can be put up for auction or offered to buyers. The price of the property will be determined at the conclusion of the contract.

Property Valuation Of The Enterprise

Types of property valuation of the enterprise:

Depending on the types of accounting objects related to assets in the form of property, the nature of their acquisition and economic conditions, the following types of property valuation are used in accounting:

At the actual initial cost (cost) , which is determined by the actual cost of acquisition or production of a particular type of property. Property valuation at the actual cost of acquisition or production is the main estimate used in accounting during the entire life cycle of the property. The property of long-term use is reflected in the financial statements at residual value (the book value of the property less accumulated depreciation);

At the current (replacement) cost – the cost that must be paid or with which the equivalent replacement should be carried out in case of need to replace any types of property;

At the current market value (the price of a possible realization) , i.e. at a value that can be obtained as a result of the possible sale of the object or at the time of its liquidation.

In the Russian accounting system, an organization can use valuation at market value, as a rule, when accepting for accounting certain types of assets when they are received free of charge, returnable materials received from the liquidation of fixed assets, work in progress, etc. Accounting items related to funds in calculations and liabilities are reflected in accounting and reporting in amounts determined taking into account interest (income) stipulated by economic contracts.

The valuation of the property of an enterprise is carried out on certain dates of business operations, as a result of which it is accepted for accounting in the organization. These dates can be:

  • The date of receipt of ownership of the property;
  • The date indicated in the inventory list;
  • Reporting date – as of December 31 of the reporting year;
  • Date of transfer of ownership of the property to the new owner.
  • Types of property valuation of the enterprise

Depending on the types of accounting objects related to assets in the form of property, the nature of their acquisition and the economic situation, the following types of valuation are used in accounting:

At the actual initial cost (cost), which is determined by the actual cost of acquisition or production of a particular type of property. Property valuation at the actual cost of acquisition or production is the main estimate used in accounting during the entire life cycle of the property. The property of long-term use is reflected in the financial statements at residual value (the book value of the property less accumulated depreciation);

At the current (replacement) cost – the cost that must be paid or with which the equivalent replacement should be carried out in case of need to replace any types of property;

At the current market value (the price of a possible realization), i.e. at a value that can be obtained as a result of the possible sale of the property or at the time of its liquidation.

The valuation of the property of an enterprise is carried out on certain dates of business operations, as a result of which it is accepted for accounting in the organization.

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These dates can be:

Share on page Types of property valuation:

Types of property valuation depend on the purpose of its implementation and are as follows:

Property valuation of enterprises and its shares. It is a set of actions, the purpose of which is to establish the value of a firm’s assets that can or will be profitable;

Real estate valuation. Promotes the implementation of profitable transactions, the adoption of productive decisions of their conduct;

Assessment of damage to property from natural disasters, gulf, fire, unlawful actions of persons or government agencies;

Land valuation. Determining the value of one or more land plots;

Assessment of housing (apartments) . It may include both a full definition of the cost of housing and a share of the property;

Road transport assessment. The process of determining the value of the vehicle on the market at present;

Evaluation of machinery and equipment. The goal is to determine the real value. Two approaches are applied: analogue and depreciated replacement-cost valuation.;

Damage assessment from a traffic accident:

For each type of property valuation, there are special methods and approaches that allow you to most accurately and reliably determine the value of the property.

The Market Value Of The Debtor’s Property

  • Thus, the bailiff in the process of valuation of the debtor’s property must determine the market value of the debtor’s property for its subsequent sale at the market price.

According to Art. 3 of the Federal Law “On appraisal activity in the Russian Federation”, the market value of the appraisal object is the most likely price at which the appraisable object can be alienated on the open market in a competitive environment, when the parties to the transaction act reasonably, have all the necessary information, and transaction prices do not reflect any extraordinary circumstances, i.e. when:

One of the parties to the transaction is not obliged to dispose of the object of evaluation, and the other party is not obliged to accept execution;

  1. The parties to the transaction are well aware of the subject matter of the transaction and act in their own interests;
  2. The object of valuation is represented on the open market by means of a public offer, typical for similar objects of valuation;
  3. The transaction price is a reasonable reward for the object of evaluation and coercion to make a transaction with respect to the parties to the transaction;
  4. Payment for the property being valued is expressed in cash.

It should be noted that in theory and judicial practice on the issue of determining the market price in the enforcement proceedings there were different points of view. These include the following:

1) The market value in the enforcement proceedings should be defined as the liquidation value [347] . Liquidation value is understood as

Estimated value that reflects the most probable price at which a given object of valuation may be alienated during the exposure period of the object of valuation, less than the typical exposure period for market conditions, in conditions when the seller is forced to make a transaction for the alienation of property. In determining the liquidation value, as opposed to determining the market value, the effect of extraordinary circumstances is taken into account, forcing the seller to sell the object of valuation under conditions that do not correspond to market value 1 . It should be noted that the determination of the liquidation value is fully consistent with the conditions for the implementation of the object of evaluation in the framework of the enforcement proceedings;

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2) the market value in the enforcement proceedings means a special value, which is also a market value established for the purposes of the enforcement proceedings, but with the use of a reduction factor, taking into account the forced and forced nature of the sale of property 2 ;

3) in determining the market value of the seized property in the enforcement proceedings, no specifics exist. A number of courts believe that the market value in the framework of enforcement proceedings should be determined in full compliance with Art. 3 of the Federal Law “On valuation activities in the Russian Federation” 3 .

☆ So, for example, in the Decree of the FAS of the Urals District of June 28, 2007 No. Ф09- 4910/07-С1 in case No. А71-9719 / 06 4 it is expressly stated that the arguments on the legality of its liquidation value when determining the market value of the seized property contrary to the provisions of the Law on Enforcement Procedure.

We believe that the bailiff or appraiser, determining the market value of the seized property in the enforcement proceedings, should take into account not only the individual characteristics of the subject property, such as: improvement or deterioration of the property, its encumbrance, but that it is affected by such factors such as compulsory sale, urgency of sale (Article 87 of the Law on Enforcement Proceedings set a short deadline for implementation), the possibility of disputes, etc.

Thus, it is obvious that a certain value and the selling price of the debtor’s property at which it can be sold as part of the enforcement proceedings is always slightly lower than the price at which the property could be alienated by the debtor .

Property And Voluntary

The term “valuation” means an independent opinion on value, which is based on a detailed analysis of the object. Meanwhile, the procedure for assessing the property of the organization is also a regulated by the law process of determining and justifying the price of an object for various purposes in monetary terms. That is, in some cases, the assessment of the organization’s property is also caused by legislative objectives – for example, when the enterprise is liquidated. There is a need to determine the market value of the property and economic goals, expediency – after all, often to make certain decisions it is necessary to know the value not only of the market price of the whole business as a whole, but also of individual elements of the property Why do you need to assess the organization’s assets?

  1. Increase the effectiveness of current management practices of the organization;
  2. Determination of the price of securities in the event of the purchase and sale of shares of the organization on the stock market. A sound investment decision is taken only in those cases when there is a clear idea of ​​the price of the enterprise’s ownership, or its share attributable to a certain shareholding. Important in the procedure is the evaluation of possible future income from business;
  3. Determination of the value of the organization in the case of a purchase or a whole or only a part;
  4. Enterprise Restructuring – Legislation requires an independent appraisal of the organization’s assets upon liquidation, merger or acquisition, or separation. Here it is important to determine the price of purchase or repurchase of shares, conversions, the amount of premium that is paid to the shareholders of the company being absorbed;
  5. Develop a plan for the development of the organization. In the process of strategic planning of the organization, it is very important to correctly assess the future profitability of the organization;
  6. Determination of the creditworthiness of the organization and the value of collateral in lending. In such cases, the valuation of the organization’s assets is necessary, since the value of the assets in the financial statements may differ materially from the market value;
  7. Taxation. When determining the taxable base, it is necessary to carry out an objective assessment of the company;
  8. Making informed management decisions. Inflation can significantly distort the financial statements of the organization, so periodically evaluating the property by an independent appraiser makes it possible to increase the realism of the output of reports, which will serve as a basis for making important financial decisions.

What does the organization’s property valuation include?

Evaluation of real estate. Determining the cost of buildings, buildings, and other structures that belong to the organization – and all that is somehow connected with the earth (objects whose displacement without sufficient damage is impossible).

Evaluation of the land. To determine the market value of a land plot or the market value of lease rights, land valuation is the most relevant way to solve the problem. The land market valuation can depend on such factors as price level, competition in the land market, location, and market potential of the area, and also on the expected income from use. In addition, there are also specific factors related to the purpose of the assessed land (for example, fertile soil, etc.).

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Property and voluntary:

Evaluation of vehicles. Here we mean the valuation of cars, trucks, containers and other transport equipment. Also distinguish automobile vehicles, rail, air, sea, river and pipelines. Evaluation of vehicles can be carried out, either individually or as part of the property complex of the enterprise. The most common type of valuation is the evaluation of the car – it is carried out by calculating and correcting the price depending on the main pricing factors: year of production, initial cost, mileage, technical condition.

Evaluation of equipment. The cost of the whole range of movable property objects – technical complexes, devices and industrial devices, machine tools and technological installations, production lines and office equipment, furniture, household items and other objects that can be attributed to movable property is estimated. Evaluation of equipment is often the only option to determine the real value of the assets of the enterprise.

An obligatory independent assessment of the organization’s property and voluntary

An independent examination of the organization’s property may be voluntary or independent.

An obligatory assessment of the organization’s assets is carried out when objects partially or wholly owned by the state are involved in the transaction for the purpose of their privatization, lease, pledge or trust management. In addition, an independent assessment is also mandatory in cases where there is a dispute about the price of objects belonging to the Russian Federation when buying or seizing property from owners for municipal or state needs. The legislator points out the importance of conducting an independent examination in the event of a dispute over the calculation of the tax base, mortgage lending to individuals and legal entities, as well as when drawing up a marriage contract or when divorcing property.

Voluntary independent expertise is carried out with insurance, restructuring, revaluation of the taxable base of the company and in many other cases.

The company “Active Business Consulting” offers an assessment of the organization’s assets in a short time, but with the accuracy and scrupulousness that information deserves – the main foundation for making important decisions.



Property Valuation

When entering into the charter capital of a joint-stock company, the property needs to estimate the market price of shares paid by non-monetary funds

In the situation of the purchase of shares by the joint-stock company at the request of shareholders

When selling the enterprise or part of the debtor’s property in the period of not internal management, when selling the property in the course of bankruptcy proceedings.

Objects of compulsory and voluntary assessment:

  • Real estate objects
  • Buildings, dwellings (houses, apartments, cottages)
  • Land plots, forests
  • Air, space, sea or river vessels
  • Movable property
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Business
  • Revaluation
  • Shares and other primary and industrial securities
  • Shares and shares
  • Intellectual property (intangible assets)
  • Trademark
  • Patents
  • Goodwill
  • Know-how

A lot of operations are carried out with the help of voluntary assessment. Management decisions today are taken only on a comprehensive analysis of the market situation. The effectiveness of these decisions in most cases depends on an objective assessment of value. Only relying on its results, you can count on the maximum return on transactions with your property. So, very often it is necessary to revalue property, business, or assets of the enterprise. In such cases, the cost estimate is mandatory.

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Voluntary assessment is carried out in the following cases:

Evaluation of the investment project of a new business

In order to study the prospects for business development, a material assessment of the investment project is required. This assessment may show the likelihood of achieving the projected results and find reserves. An objective expert report can allow management to make the right decisions about the project.

Evaluation to improve the effectiveness of today’s management of the company (for personal internal use of its own)

Evaluation is used in two cases: 1) to identify redundant assets from which you need to get rid, as they aggravate production; 2) to find undervalued assets.

  • Valuation for the purpose of buying, selling a business or its part
  • Valuation for the purposes of additional issue, pledge of securities
  • Valuation for business restructuring purposes
  • Valuation for insurance purposes
  • Valuation for tax purposes
  • Determination of damage or loss of profits
  • Evaluation in case of voluntary liquidation of a business or a part thereof
  • Evaluation of certain types or separate objects of an enterprise’s property

Valuation for the purpose of revaluation of fixed assets when entering into the charter capital of a joint-stock company, the property needs to estimate the market price of shares paid by non-monetary funds

  • Valuation for the purpose of revaluation of fixed assets
  • Valuation for the purpose of revaluation of fixed assets Property valuation

Property valuation for inheritance

In order to get a quick assessment of the property to register your inheritance, you need to contact Evaluation Pro. Real and effective property valuation for the registration of inheritance is carried out by qualified specialists. They will prepare an evaluation report for the inheritance in a short period of time, as well as conduct a procedure for the preparation of evaluation lists.

Often, several owners become heirs. That is why it is so necessary to conduct a timely assessment of the property of your home. For each owner it is necessary to provide your own package of documents. Valuation of property for the registration of the inheritance is carried out, based on the location of your apartment. Evaluate the inheritance received as a gift, you can have experts. After the assessment of your property is much easier to formalize the property in the property, in particular, to issue an inheritance.

Valuation of property for inheritance includes inspection of the inherited property, obtaining documents for the purchase or sale of your property, viewing all information about your apartment, as well as obtaining a full package of documents for all your property. The valuation of the property is carried out based on the cadastral value.

Estimation of property is necessary for payment of the state duty, which implies entering into the inheritance, payment of the state duty gives a full guarantee that your property will be divided in strict accordance with regulatory legal acts. The property is valued based on the area of ​​your property, as well as on the date of acquisition of your property. The property acquired before 2005 is estimated much cheaper than the property acquired after 2005. A full evaluation of your property gives a full guarantee that the property will be divided into all heirs in strict accordance with the regulations. When creating an assessment of your property, specialists strive to make a qualified division of property between the addressees, as well as the division of property into owners.

Reading notes

When you start a new piece, reading the notes is one of the first difficulties, you just have to read what is written on the scope. Reading the notes is a must for any musician, you cannot escape. It takes time, patience and training.

The more your lecture notes will be fast and accurate, the faster you can concentrate on the music (rhythm, interpretation or speed for example).

In addition to tips for learning music, I will give you some (some have already been mentioned in the previous publication) to work at best reading notes. You are free to follow them or not, half or not at all. There is a lot of common sense and sometimes it’s just what’s missing to do it right.

14 Tips for learning notes

  1. Work little but well and regularly

The first advice to give is to do this exercise of solfege in small dose but regularly. To do too much could disgust you, weary you, annoy you, discourage you…. It is better to do little but often. It is easier to stay focused for a short time and your mind may be less receptive to the passagage of time.

  1. Stay focused

During this exercise, be careful not to be disturbed by external elements such as the phone, children, television etc … A reading of notes deserves your attention and again, it is better to work 5 minutes effective than 20 minutes distractedly and by doing other things at the same time.

  1. Do not read too fast

Especially if you are starting out, do not try to read the notes too fast. It’s a bit like the ophthalmic … it reads easily the first 3 or 4 notes but after that is complicated…

To do it right, you must always know how fast you are “comfortable”. This speed can be measured with a metronome. In any case, take your time, it is especially important not to do bad reading. Better to go slowly and get good reflexes, have good habits than go fast and make mistakes.

  1. Increase the tempo gradually

Once your “cruising speed” is known, increase the tempo gradually. But as in any exercise where we look for speed, it is always necessary from time to time to return to a slow speed.

  1. Go crescendo in the difficulty

Do not try to read notes too complicated. It all depends on your level but if you are a beginner in music or if you are not very comfortable with this exercise, limit your exercise to 1 octave (from Do to Do for example), no more. Try to master some notes then expand as you go. If your progress is fast and solid (no or few mistakes), then you can see bigger (wider range of notes, faster ….)

  1. Read the notes in rhythm

Already discussed in the previous article titled “read the notes “, you can make this exercise of reading notes a double exercise: read notes in rhythm. Two cases may occur:

You make a reading of notes with the same figure of notes (as black for example, in any case no rhythmic notions): be sure to make a very strict reading of notes always in the rhythm, so no hesitation or precipitation. Take a metronome and at each “tic” or “tac”, say the note (aloud it’s even better).

You play random notes or with a score. It is better and in this case, respect the value of each note while reading. Also help yourself with a metronome or beat time with your foot, a pencil, a finger or whatever you want as long as the beat is steady and reliable (that’s why there’s nothing better than the metronome).

  1. Work by “pieces”

Do not get into too long exercises. If you take a score, do a reading on 10 measures for example. Set a goal before you start. There is always a beginning and an end to any exercise. Always favor quality over quantity. Similarly, if there are notes with which you block, you have trouble, do not hesitate to work separately.

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  1. Vary the keys to vary the pleasures!

Do not privilege a key (at random the key of Sol 😉 compared to another (the key of Fa). It would be a shame to master the key of Sol and to be more hesitant in key of Fa. It is necessary to vary the pleasures, so vary the keys. All of the above tips count: speed, exercise time, range of notes, patience…

To acquire a maximum of ease and flexibility, you can do the reading of notes in clef of Sol and key of Fa alternately. You can read a series of notes in clef of Sol then in key of Fa or then change of key with each note (more difficult).

  1. Write the notes to better retain them

Writing musical notes by saying them aloud can be a very beneficial exercise for memorizing. Without going to make the copying with the pace of punishment ;-), one learns much more by writing than by reading only.

  1. Read what you like!

Instead of taking a note reading page, take a work or song that you like for support. Nothing better than to have fun. If you’re starting a new song for example, take it as a note-reading exercise before or during your musical training.

  1. Be one step ahead

A very important point seems to me and not often mentioned, this advice will be just as true when you play. When reading notes, try to have a little bit of time between saying the name of a note and reading the next one. In short, there must be a tiny gap between speech and vision. You must always anticipate the next note, to avoid being surprised, to anticipate without of course altering the quality of your reading. Easier said than done of course, but think about it as it will be very useful when you play your instrument.

  1. Correct or get corrected

This seems obvious but it is better to write it: remember to correct or correct yourself because if errors slip in your reading of notes, you must of course correct the shot immediately. Do not take bad habits or bad reflexes, it will be worse after.

  1. Work and let rest

It can be very interesting to re-work a reading of notes after studying it and succeeding. So, after working on an exercise, put it aside and resume a few times later. A week, a month for example. It’s up to you to see … but it will allow you to see if you put less time, if your work time is faster and your reading of notes still (more) fluid.

  1. What exercises to do?

There are many exercises on the site with a reading of notes scrolling on a staff. This is also the case on Musiclic with this note reading exercise. It’s a good exercise but very sincerely, I think the really beneficial exercise is the one where you have to read the notes as if you were doing it to play a score, which is to read a series of notes that follow each other on a scope. Here are some links on Musiclic to guide you, other exercises are available in music theory games.

Glass Doors Business Glass Window Tint- Security Window Tinting

in the interior of the office or apartment is no longer a rarity. Many have time to evaluate their functionality and appearance, radically changing the face of private housing or working space. One of the undeniable advantages of glass doors is the huge variation of choice, both among flowers and design designs. For example, the door of the interior Security Window Tinting black is equally harmoniously fit into a cozy home environment and a strict office space.

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It is always pleasant to engage in active activities when the office space does not act depressingly, and the interior of the workplace pleases the eye. Leaders, for whom the productivity of their employees is important, should first of all pay attention to the design of office space, including office doors. Doors made of colored glass are a good solution for office space, which will revitalize the surrounding space, dilute the classical design of the office or complement with fresh notes of style and working days.

Colored glass doors for home

Are you tired of a clear delineation of the space inside a small apartment? Forget about it! And huge apartments, and small sizes can be decorated in a style suitable for a decent stay. And colored glass doors will help in this. If inside the office space you need to adhere to strict design canons, then the home interior is the field of activity for professional designers and their own design experiments. Do not be afraid of dark solutions for the house: glass doors of black color in the home environment are quite appropriate.

Gray glass door in the interior

Gray is not very popular. Many are afraid that the gray interiors will become gloomy and uncomfortable in an apartment or private house. Therefore, the door is gray glass – rather rare than the ordinary in the home. But such fears are in vain! Despite the fact that gray is considered universal in clothing, in the interior it manifests itself specifically. There are many of its shades, but choosing a beautiful option for a certain room can be difficult. Our specialists will help you determine the color that is ideal for your premises.

Gray glass doors for office or home – this is the base point in creating an interior with a touch of aristocracy and elegance. Gray has many shades: graphite, silver, pearl, with a bluish and beige tinge – they are selected individually for each interior. The advantages of doors made of gray glass include:

A variety of effects depending on the chosen shade. It’s no secret that every color has warm and cool tones. And gray color is no exception. So, the interior doors of a gray cool shade (for example, with the addition of sky-blue) will bring in the interior and severity, and cleanliness.

Good compatibility with bright design interiors. The gray glass door will well emphasize the bright expressive accents inside the room, without drawing attention to yourself. At the same time it will look stylish and modern.

Create a Website with Word Press – Our Beginner’s Guide- WordPress Web Designers

say that we are not big fans of the custom wordpress website design online publishers like Jim do Wax or email onsite, would be a lie. Their ease of use has allowed millions of customers to be their own webmaster. But a site editor is not suitable for all situations. That’s why we want to show you how to create your own Word Press site.

We use every day. We have written this guide to show you in which situations Word Press is a good solution – and when it is not.

. With an online publisher, you almost never have to worry about the technicalities. With custom wordpress website design

.org however, you will need some technical knowledge to administer your website.

One of the great benefits of Word Press is its scalability: once your site is installed on this platform, there is almost no limit. Here are some concrete examples where to use Word Press is interesting:

You are in a very competitive market and you need specific SEO features (optimization for SEO).

Note: In this article we will only discuss the open source version, Word Press .org, which can be used for just about any type of website. The Word Press .com version is easier to set up, but has fewer features and is only suitable for blogs.

I created my first blog in 2008 when I had no experience with Word Press or other console for blogging. I was pretty resourceful and I managed to get away with it without pulling my hair too much. Let’s say that Google was my best friend during this period! After 8 years of experience with the console, let’s say that I have greatly evolved in my learning. I even founded my own Word Press site design box.

I created this article to guide you step by step to help you open a blog easily and intuitively.

There are several services online to make a blog or a website. You may be tempted to go for a free online service, but be aware that you will be limited, and in some cases, somewhat problematic in the short, medium and long term. As they say, “You get what you paid for”. Using a paid service is far from expensive, you will see. Using a professional platform is the foundation of your project. With a concrete foundation, your blog is much more likely to succeed.

Of all the existing blog platforms on the web, Word Press is by far the most popular (source).

I have been using Word Press myself since 2008 and I greatly appreciate all its flexibility, features, and ease of use, very active community to help members of this community and for many other more technical reasons. This is by far the best choice. In addition, if you want a custom wordpress website design

 Without a blog, Word Press is also the platform to use.

Warning!  Have Word Press, you have two options. People are often confused by them, so here’s the explanation:

Word Press hosted by custom word press website design

.com servers:  a very limited product on many aspects such as visuals, features, etc.

Word Press hosted on your server: We are talking about this option when referring to a blog on the site “”. This is the option I recommend to you without any doubt.

Jumbo Home Loan Looking for the Definition of Jumbo Loans

this type of loan can help you finance the purchase of a home that costs more than the limits of loans generally considered eligible for a conventional mortgage loan or FHA

Understand the definition of Jumbo loans

If you are trying to buy a house in an area where the property tends to be very expensive or if you are buying an upscale dream home, the house you want to buy could cost more than it is possible to finance through a “compliant” loan In this case, the pursuit of a jumbo loan might be the best option for financing the property you want to buy

Understand the definition of Jumbo loans

In accordance with loans

The limit for compliant loans was increased in 2008 by the terms of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, allowing borrowers in the highest cost of living space to borrow as much as $ 729,750 for finance the purchase of a single-family home

The limits were modified the following year by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and will be re-evaluated annually on the basis of housing costs and economic conditions. For more information on the maximum current, see the Loan Compliant Loan page. the Federal Housing Finance Agency

Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are mortgages that can be approved for amounts that exceed the limit standards for compliant loans If you are able to qualify for a jumbo loan, you may be able to finance the purchase of your dream home, even if you do not have access to enough cash to make a down payment large enough to reduce your need for financing for the maximum amount allowed for a compliant loan However, qualifying for a jumbo loan is not an easy thing

  • Typical jumbo loan qualifying criteria include:
  • Credit score of 720 or higher
  • Minimum deposit requirement of 20 percent
  • Documented proof of income
  • Debt to income below 38 percent
  • Seeking a Jumbo Mortgage

If you are interested in getting a jumbo loan, be prepared to spend a good while shopping for lenders who are willing to subscribe to these types of loans In the wake of the real estate crisis that hit in 2007 Many lenders ]=

Be prepared to go through an extensive process of applying and screening for interest rates and qualifying criteria are likely to vary from lender to lender You may find that working with a mortgage broker is the most effective way to identify the best jumbo loan program for your particular situation

A word of caution

Buying a house at any price is a serious decision that should not be made without careful consideration before you are looking to finance a house with [

Nobody wants to think of the possibility of a worst case scenario, but it is something that everyone who is committing to a long term mortgage should consider Rather than just focusing on the definition of jumbo loans, consider the very real financial implications of borrowing that much money only proceed to the transaction if you are certain that the real estate purchase you are considering doing is really in your best interest in the long run, as well as those of the members of your family

OCEAN Streams SCIENCE GAMES In This Arrangement of Games,

your understudies will realize why ocean streams exist, what keeps them in movement, and how researchers think about them. The Ocean Streams learning objective – in view of NGSS and state measures – conveys enhanced understudy commitment and scholarly execution in your classroom, as exhibited by explore.

Look down for a review of this taking in target’s ocean of games sims 4 and the ideas they commute home.

Ideas Secured

Streams resemble st the surface of the ocean, at that point down toward the base, hovering back around and ascending to the surface once more. The World’s streams are interconnected, conveying water the whole way across the planet, from the equator to the posts.

Surface streas are moved by the breeze, and profound ocean ebbs and flows are driven by various levels of thickness in the water. The cooler and saltier the water, the denser it is thick water moves to the best,

Daylight warms diverse measures of daylight in various parts of the world change the water temperature. Researchers utilize instruments on ships and floats monitor how thick water is and how salty it is (called “saltiness”). This encourages them outline momentum frameworks, enabling us to see how water moves and how it influences the earth.

Altogether, there are ten ocean of games sims 4 in this learning objective, including:

  • Skirmish of Minds – Ocean Strike
  • Ocean Shooter
  • Oscar’s Reality – Ocean Streams
  • Profound Water Tidy Up
  • Ocean’s Goods
  • Whirly Wave
  • Investigator Turtlebuckets: Lost in Ocean Streams
  • Boing: Ocean Streams
  • Ocean Streams with Round
  • Ocean Streams
  • A further see of each diversion is beneath.

You can attempt the ocean of games sims 4 inside the learning objective for nothing on the Legends of Learning site with a record.

Agree to accept $100 worth of games without any commitments or duties.

Labels: ocean, ebb and flow, water, warm, gravity, thickness, saltiness, upwelling, downwelling, wind, equator, convection, dissipation, hydrosphere

  • attle of Minds – Ocean Strike
  • Evaluated Length: 10 minutes

In this diversion, you will find out about the ocean and its properties. Go up against the beasts as you fight them with your minds! On the off chance that you answer the inquiry effectively, the quantity of focuses on the card will be taken from your adversary, thumping them down! Take away the greater part of the focuses before you lose yours with the goal that you can thump out the creature! Have a fabulous time gathering fight cards and pages for your Codex. Good fortunes!

  • Picture for Profound Water Tidy Up
  • Profound Water Tidy Up
  • Evaluated Length: 20 minutes

You will endeavor to tidy up as much waste from the ocean by utilizing distinctive impacts. Find out about various consequences for ocean streams, for example, saltiness and warmth to enable you to explore the submarine through the profundities of the ocean to gather waste. The more answers that you answer accurately and the more junk that you gather, the more focuses you will get past the ten unique levels. Oscar’s Reality – Ocean Streams

For what reason does everything have all the earmarks of being gliding? Take in about ocean streams from Oscar and begin investigating. As you take Oscar through the guide gathering data, you will take in more about saltiness and thickness as well. Oscar will require all the assistance he can get gathering coins when you get to arcade mode. Good fortunes youthful pilgrim!