Also known as Blackball or 8 Pool, the pool cue  English billiard is played with 16 balls: the white balls, 7 red balls, 7 yellow balls and the black ball 8. This type of game is a variation of American billiards for a smaller table. Originally, this type of billiard was designed to lodge in small rooms. The one who regularly pockets the black ball numbered 8 is the winner of the game.

The English Pool is played on a 6-pocket table. At least 2 players with 16 balls of ø 50.8 mm: 7 yellow, 7 red, 1 black No. 8 and 1 white. The first pocketed ball determines the player’s color (yellow or red). The yellow player will have to pocket all the yellow balls and finish by pocketing the black n ° 8.

Want to share a moment of fun with your family and friends? Why not opt ​​for a pool cue  table at Billards de France? In addition to the moment of relaxation it provides, this type of billiard also has very practical options: to play on the same table at different games of billiards and be  convertible into a dining table  for each dinner. Know that no matter which option you want, Billiards France does everything to make your b illard mixed table is  welcome in the middle of your living room.

Billiard pool, billiard and French billiard in one table

Billards de France is today one of the leaders in the manufacture and distribution of pool table. If until now the team of Philippe Fitan conquers innumerable French is thanks to its range of mixed billiards. The latter incorporates a multitude of ultra practical game options:

Mixed billiard table: a multi-game table

Billards de France has in its range of products (Reference-Design-Prestige) models of mixed billiards. Indeed, on this one and only table, it is possible to have fun with different games and different rules of billiards according to your desire and your specialty. In other words, this type of convertible billiard puts all its assets on this multi-game option:

– Pool table, 8 pool cue , English billiards, blackball – American billiards, us billiards – French billiards, carom billiards

Note that these are 3 very different game systems with specific standards and rules. But how can one turn French billiards into American billiards OR pool billiards into carom?

Mixed billiard table: with interchangeable strips or with 6 Plugs (Reference)

To be a multi-game billiard , the table must have a system of change of bands: 3 sets of bands are associated with this model of mixed billiards pool cue . These are, in fact, necessary equipment to be able to play and correctly apply the rules of your favorite games.

Operating system of tapes on one table

Philippe Fitan, even in the design of this range of transformable billiards, made sure that the table was built respecting the shape of the rubber and the height of the bands. Each of these devices is also fixed by 3 high-performance screws: note that to change the band, simply unscrew in just a quarter of a turn.

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