The 24 Carats of Gold: Definition of The Purity of the Precious Metal

Given the respective prices of these precious metals, the purity index in gold – or platinum – alloys used in the manufacture of jewelry has a significant impact on the price of these. Their purity is expressed in carats (historical measure) or in thousandths (official measure for France).

Be careful, do not confuse the carat of jewelers used for diamond which is a unit of mass used to measure gems.

One carat (diamond) equals 0.2 grams, the carat of jewelers indicates the proportion of pure metal in the alloy of gold, platinum or silver used to make the jewel.

One carat of jeweler is equal to 1/24 ° of the total weight of alloy considered.

Practically, for a jewel in 18-carat gold still officially called 750 thousandths, that means it consists of 18 parts (mass) of pure gold and 6 parts of another metal.

As you can see, this carat of jewelers is an old way of expressing the percentage of a precious metal in an alloy.

Ancient origin of the word “carat”

The etymological origin of the carat of the jewelers comes from the word “Quirat” which is an old term of navy expressing the part of property of a ship when this one belongs to several people. The ship is subdivided into 24 parts of equal value (one quirat) and each owns a number of quirats, expressing the percentage of the boat’s shares (source). To learn more about the etymology of the word and its variations, this discussion will interest you.

Why combine gold with other metals?

As with all alloys, the goal is to improve the properties of the base metal. Gold price in Canada is a noble metal, that is to say, it resists corrosion and does not oxidize with water or air (so its yellow glow persists), what is more, it is ductile, and so it works easily

The disadvantage is that in its pure state, it does not withstand mechanical stresses well. Therefore, a jewel in pure gold (24 carats) that would be fine, easily deformed during a false movement or shock. It is for this reason that it is combined with other materials that will give it superior mechanical strength without altering its other advantageous physical properties (noble and ductile material).

Thus, 18-carat gold (75% of its pure gold weight) is the most valuable solid gold alloy used in conventional jewelry. 14-carat gold (58.4% of its weight of pure gold) is the most common because it is much more affordable than 18ct gold while keeping a yellow color very close to that -this. Finally, 9-carat gold (37.5% of its pure gold weight) is the most affordable gold alloy on the jewelery market.

Equivalence between thousandths and carats of gold securities

The carats of gold in bold are those that are the most used in France and recognized as the legal titles. In jewelery will find mainly 18K gold, 14 and 9 carats jewelry in France. Other countries use 10-carat gold instead of 9-carat gold (notably the USA).

For jewelry in 20ct Gold price in Canada or 22 carats, you should contact a jeweler to make these jewelry on order as for this example of a 22ct gold pendant.

Clarification on pure gold

A piece of pure Canadian gold made of 24-carat gold with a purity grade of 99.999% gold. If the indication on the coin worth $ 100,000 is symbolic (it is worth at least three times more), it weighs well 10 kilograms.

100% pure gold does not exist. The term pure gold is relatively vague since it is given to bullion whose purity of gold is at least 99.5%. It should be noted that 99.99% pure gold was first produced in 1979 by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Modern techniques currently allow the production of gold with a purity level of 99.999% also called gold 5-9, however, only the Royal Canadian Mint is able to produce gold as pure now.  Read this PDF sheet explaining the gold refining process put in place to achieve this degree of purity.

The physical properties of gold

Evaluate the carats of gold without the punches

If French law (as well as that of other countries) makes it necessary to mention the title of the gold of a jewel with the help of a stamp, it is often necessary to evaluate in a concrete way the title of the gold. As well to resell a jewel in the case of an individual, or simply if you want to repair or modify it in the case of a jeweler.

Indeed, the welding of a gold object requires using the correct title of the metal to achieve the welding. A filler metal with a lower gold title is used for soldering to the gold title of the jewel. Typically, to weld an 18-carat gold jewelery, 16 or 14-carat gold will be used.

When reselling gold to quantify the transaction, both parties (buyer and seller) ensure the quality of the gold traded by chemical analysis or electronic measurement. In the first case, a gold test kit is used which includes bottles containing aqua regia at different concentrations and then the touchau test is carried out. Or we use an electronic device that tests Gold price in Canada using an electric current, as shown in the following video (to read on the subject).

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5 Custom Mugs Ideas To Offer The Perfect Gift

Do you have any ideas for your gifts? Our custom mug ideas will allow you to create a unique gift box by simply adding a few extra touches.

We have listed 5 unique gift box ideas based around the personalized Personalised Coffee Cup  . You just have to create your mug and find the little extra touches.

It’s easy to create and it will give a smile every morning to anyone who offers it … the person will think of you every time they drink their coffee.

For more gift ideas, read our guide on how to create personalized gifts in less than 10 minutes .

  1. The tea set

This thoughtful gift is super easy to create, and will be very useful in the kitchen. Pack different types of tea in transparent bags and tie them with tea name tags. To make the gift even more special, you can describe the properties of each tea on the label. For example … chamomile tea for peaceful nights

Perfect for … a mom who loves tea

  1. The chocolate box

Encourage your friends to create their own delicious hot chocolate in their Personalised Coffee Cup -personalized by giving them a variety of chocolate bars that they can melt into a succulent drink. Add some marshmallow and a spoon to mix and everything will be ready. You can even include chocolate spoons to go faster. Then you just have to add milk.

Perfect for … a friend who loves sweets .

  1. The coffee box

We all have a colleague who never sleeps until 10 am without a cup of coffee. Make them happy with this gift box full of attention. Pack coffee beans in individual kraft paper bags and close them with labels describing the type of coffee. Then add a short description on its aroma. For example … nutty and rich taste, or sweet and fruity Add a coffee maker if you really want to pamper it or spoil it.

  • Perfect for … a coworker addicted to caffeine
  1. The gardening cabinet

Planting a festive plant in a mug is an original way to introduce some greenery into their home. You can use an inspirational quote on the Personalised Coffee Cup  or a cute message like “water me every day”. Include a small shovel in your box so that they can replant it in the small vase if the roots become too long.

  • Perfect for … close to the green hand
  1. The cake box

It has never been easier to make a cake than with this simple recipe! Provide all the ingredients for a baking pastry chef to make his own cake in his Personalised Coffee Cup  They simply pour all the ingredients into the mug, cook for about 1 minute and decorate it as they please. We love whipped cream and icing sugar.

Perfect for … bakers in the making

If all these ideas made you want to give away gifts, go browse our creative ideas  on the blog to find even more inspiration.

You can also share this post with your friends and family on social networks using the icons below to encourage them to become creative too!

Procedures When Windows 10 Creators Update Does Not Install

Some users complain that they can not install the download windows 10 iso  Creators Update v1703 upgrade on their system .

Apart from any error message specific to this problem, the users affected by this problem indicate that it always returns to the previously installed version. Normally, the system must restart without the upgrade. But some users report that the installation hangs at half or 75% of the update, and then reboots sharply.

Unfortunately for many users the Windows Update Troubleshooter does not fix the problem

In this kind of situation, try the basic steps that follow when a Windows update fails to install. In addition to these steps, some of the following items could also be useful and therefore tried:

Note: some links are in English

1 – Check the integrity of the system files

Open the command prompt as administrator, type or copy / paste the command  sfc / scannow and confirm with Enter

Note: Unlike anything that can be said on the web, we can also use this command without space between SFC and / SCANNOW unless we use PowerShell

: Do not close this Command Prompt window until the check is complete. The analysis results are displayed after this procedure is complete.

More info: System File Checker

plete, if no problem has been detected, you will get the following message: ” The Windows Resource Protection program found no integrity windows 10 iso

If problems have been detected and you get the following message:

” Windows Resource Protection found damaged files, but failed to fix them all . ”

Please see the following article: Using DISM to repair Windows 10

2 – Delete the $ WINDOWS. ~ BT   and $ Windows. ~ WS folders

Show hidden files and. Open File Explorer and in the tabs at the top, select the View tab .

In the Explorer banner, check the ” Hidden Elements ” option .

Windows. ~ BT and $ Windows. ~ WS folders are created by Windows during the upgrade process. In the case of an upgrade that fails, it is best to delete the folders and start the upgrade process again.

You can delete some files and folders after upgrading download windows 10 iso  using Windows Disk Cleanup ( cleanmgr.exe ), right-click Disk Cleanup and select ” Run as Administrator “. You will see an option ” Previous installation (s) of Windows “. Check this option, view and verify other options and click Yes

. This will erase ~ 25 GB to see more disk space. When you select this option, the Disk Cleanup tool deletes the Windows.old folder as well as the $ Windows. ~ BT folder , but not the $ Windows. ~ WS folder .

advise you to delete these two folders $ Windows. ~ BT and $ Windows. ~ WS , as well as the folder Windows.old , only when you are sure that your installation of download windows 10 iso  is working well and that you do not plan to restore your computer. Otherwise, you will get the message ” Sorry, but you can not go back.” The files we need to take you back to a previous version of Windows have been removed from this PC ” The period during which you can perform a restore to the previous version of Windows 10 is 10 days (imposed by Microsoft). unless you use a disk image made with third-party software

Youtube Hardens Its Monetization Rules

The Google subsidiary is seeking to regain the trust of advertisers by raising the accessibility criteria for video monetization.
Bad news for Youtubeurs: now, it’s not enough to make more than 10,000 views on a video to start receiving advertising revenue. To regain the trust of advertisers, the Google subsidiary has decided to tighten its access rules to the ” YouTube new policy 2018 .

As of February 20, the channels will have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time over the previous year to monetize their videos on the platform. This is a necessary but not sufficient condition. YouTube still reserves the right to remove advertising from channels that violate its policies.

YouTube refuses to say how many channels will close the ad tap. But according to the group, 99% of affected creators today earn less than $ 100 a year. Cyprien or Squeezie do not have to worry.

At the bedside of advertisers

Second important change: YouTube will greatly simplify the way it allows advertisers to select the types of content they want their ads to appear on. The platform has divided its inventory into three parts, depending on the more or less secure nature of the videos. Advertisers reluctant to attach their name to any floral subject or vaguely suggestive image will one click choose the most prudent option, even to reduce the scope of their campaigns.

To top it off, YouTube has also promised to comb through its premium inventory, Google Preferred. Billed more expensive to advertisers, this subset includes the 5% of channels on which the engagement of the users is the strongest. The group has committed to manually review the videos currently enjoying the label, which should take him until the end of March for France. And all new “Preferred” content will be endorsed by humans in the future.

2017, a year of brand boycotts

With this salvo of ads ,; Youtube is looking to end a series of controversies that began last March when leading brands generating millions of advertising dollars, such as AT & T, Verizon, Pepsi, McDonald’s, L’Oreal and Walmart, pulled out of platform to no longer be associated with videos inciting hatred or terrorism.

In response to this “very small” problem, the platform announced in April a first update of its advertising use policy. The idea was to integrate more artificial intelligence into the system and give more control to advertisers on where they appear. It was also at this point that Youtube set the threshold of 10,000 views for a creator before starting to monetize his videos. But it was not enough.
Will these changes be sufficient? Youtube has to juggle on one side with the requirements of advertisers, who try to reach a young audience through their advertising, but also with the complaints of many creators, who believe that the platform should allow them more to monetize their work.

The Google subsidiary, which derives the majority of its revenues from advertising, ensures that these decisions aim to keep “spammers, imitators and bad people away … while continuing to reward those who make their platform great “.

To achieve this, the group intends to continue hiring in 2018, to reach 10,000 people dedicated to the validation of content in the course of the year. This army of moderators will not miss work: 400 hours of content are posted every minute on the portal.

How In Room Television You May Bring Extra Up To Daters Updated Inn


despite the elevated leisure options up to datemers have via era, tv up to date beupdated a primary amusement generation for the duration of a hotel live. optik tv on the go The 2017 up to date Intentions Survey from The hotel afwiwireless of Canada located that 53 in line with cent of up-to-date rated up to datep rateupdated HD television offerings as critical updated their resort live. clearly up to daters see the signiwiwireless of wi-fiupdated in-room television and hold excessive expectancies for the hotel they pick out up-to-date provide a wi-fiwireless product.

The obligation rests on the resort — the higher your tv supplying, the happier your up-to-date will be.

comparable tales

sun Peaks Grand hotel and conference Centre Selects eleven and TELUS up-to-date up to dater c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a revel in

Dispelling not unusual myths approximately inn

lodge net services’ BeyondTV answer Is the first up-to-date integrate an Alexa digital Concierge inupdated the tv device presenting the enterprise’s First and handiest up to dateoverall Guestroom leisure enjoy

TELUS up-to-date release country wide Hospitality c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a for inns across Canada

At domestic, clients probable have up to date up-to-date all styles of tv leisure options – from cable television up-to-date Netflix, CraveTV and other on-call for services, so the resort enjoy needs up to date compete with the myriad of choices up to date be had at home. A preferred cable line-up will surely no longer meet growing visiupupdated needs. Hospitality answer carriers like TELUS have superior capabilities that meet the wishes of hoteliers and are sure up-to-date pride up to date. right here are wi-fi tips up-to-date assist make certain you are becoming the most out of your tv amusement.

search for a company that gives you a wide range of up-to-date HD channels up to date select from and permits you up to date create your personal up-to-date up-to-date enjoy. as an instance, with TELUS Optik television for enterprise, hoteliers can choose from over ninety HD channels updated design your personal unfastened-up to date-guestupdated channel line-up. while up to daters switch on the television, they’ll be greeted via your cusupdatedmizable menu which includes your inn brand, imagery, and even wi-fi. TELUS optik tv on the go television for commercial enterprise may also offer up-to-date with neighborhood climate data, maintain them 3177227fc5dac36e3e5ae6cd5820dcaa with RSS information feeds, promote hotel offerings and amenities, and can even generate additional revenue by which includes advertising from nearby companions.

give your up to daters as up to datensupdated preference as they could get at domestic – and greater. With TELUS optik tv on the go for enterprise guestsupdated can add man or woman channels, theme packs, and multicultural channels over and above the standard channel lineup from the television menu, growing the potential up-to-date the particular viewing requirements of up-to-date at no incremental price up to date the lodge. up-to-date will love that they never up-to-date pass over their favorite shows at the same time as on the street.

ensure your issuer has a high-quality selection of on-demand wiwireless, tv suggests and greater, and permits guestsupdated updated buy Pay consistent with View activities. make certain your company can bill extras without delay up-to-date guestupdated credit cards up-to-date protect up-to-date privateness and decrease complexities up-to-date visiupupdated folios.

Bolster your television carrier with additional entertainment by imparting a massive type of unfastened song channels updated cater up to date all up-to-date’ tastes and assist them enjoy the comforts of domestic. TELUS optik tv on the gotelevision for enterprise consists of Stingray music, with over 70 channels of commercial-free tune up-to-date in every visiupupdated room. guestsupdated can test out what’s gambling next and consider album art, proper on their television up-to-date, at no additional price.

search for a issuer that could unfastened up your workforce from handling technical problems with the aid of presenting loose, each time guide immediately up-to-date up to daters. as an example, the TELUS 24/7 assist table is blanketed at no extra cost up to date you or your guestsupdated. up to daters can without a doubt name a up-to-datell-loose number if they ever need assist with technical issues at the same time as looking optik tv on the go television for enterprise.

What Does A Essay Writing Help Look Like

You will have to write a Essay in 4 hours on the day of the baccalaureate. To succeed this one, there is no recipe (to always succeed a plan for example). But a successful essay writing help corresponds to criteria: this exercise must make it possible both to evaluate your knowledge, the work provided during the year and your ability to reflect on social issues from your culture. For this, you must be able to write structured work, build a thoughtful demonstration, show that you know things and answer the specific question.

It is therefore a difficult exercise, and it can only be successful on one condition: to learn how to make one’s Essay, with one method, (even if there are several) to which one holds rigorously until the end of the year, by repeating the attempts, to succeed in doing all that one asks me at the same time and to acquire automatisms.

The first thing that needs to be mastered is the form of the Essay: your work should look like an essay and meet all the criteria. This is the first tool to master to achieve the average, even having poorly analyzed the subject, built a bad problem, or a superficial plan. As you read, one must find all that characterizes a philosophy essay writing help or an explanation of text. These two exercises have a different object. Their analysis (draft) will be constructed differently. But the writing and the method of argumentation is the same in both cases. It must result in a work of this form:

Introduction (3/4 of a page), composed of 3 paragraphs:

Primer: it is a question of introducing by daily questions the subject of cv writing services or the question posed by the text.

Problem: show why this question is problematic, because a) several answers are possible b) it is based on assumptions that are debatable

Announcement of the plan: in the Essay, constructed parts, in the text essay of the text plane. In both cases, it is a question of stating the logical structure of the demonstration to guide the reader: how to show what one thinks.

skip 2 lines

Development: (6 pages) 3 parts

It is generally composed of three parts. But we can consider it in two or four parts. A rule: the parts must follow each other logically, not be juxtaposed and allow to answer little by little the difficulties of the subject. No part and no argument should repeat what has already been said.

Particularity of the Essay on text: the development must follow the demonstration of the text, and thus its demonstrative structure.

It is as follows:

The common sense thesis (1 page 1/2, or 2)

(skip 1 line)

Critical examination of difficulties (1 page 1/2, or 2)

(skip 1 line)

The philosophical thesis defended (1 page 1/2, or 2)

Between each part, you need a logical transition, which takes stock of what you have shown and the difficulties you encounter.

Each part must be composed of:

an introductory sentence that presents the thesis then defended, and how it will be.

three (between two and four at least) paragraphs that set out the arguments to justify-demonstrate-discuss the defended thesis.

From a small synthesis-transition taking again what has been shown and the problems posed.

Each of these moments is a paragraph. Each time, we go to the line and make a paragraph of three squares.

How to write the argumentation of the Essay?

Each paragraph must demonstrate an argument in favor of my thesis, or the fact that an objection criticizing this thesis is unfounded. For this, it must contain:

the statement of the argument.

knowledge as definitions or explanations of the course that justify this argument. These can be based on a philosophical author or on the course …

an example that illustrates your point and helps the marker to see if you understand these explanations. In this, it must be precise and perfectly related to the argument.

a synthesis that takes stock: what is shown, what is still debatable and which the second argument must help to solve.

In the explanation of the text, I can not choose the arguments or the order. I must follow those of the author, who is master of the plan.

However, to explain an argument is:

reformulate it, to show that it has been understood.

show that this argument is true from a scientific point of view. So it requires the use of knowledge: definitions, justifications seen in class, philosophical theories.

to take into account the objections that some might make to doubt the validity of this argument on the basis of other knowledge or facts.

Answer to.

illustrate it with examples if there are none in the text.

It is therefore exactly the same work of argumentation as for the Essay, except that it is the author who imposes the plan and the arguments.

skip 2 lines

Conclusion (1/2 page)

resume the thesis that we wanted to show and that allows us to answer the questions

quickly recall how we did to demonstrate it


For writing :

Use 2 large double copies leaving a margin

Use only one color (blue or black).

Writing readable and without erasure cv writing services Respect the spacing between paragraphs.

Do not use any abbreviations.

Do not show any game titles. This is the work of transitions.

Heal spelling and syntax.

Work the style.

Four Reasons To Use Simple 1300 Numbers And 1800 Numbers

Succeeding in business world is not an easy issue. It calls for working on such a lot of aspects and spreading the word to the world. enterprise owners are constantly eager on offering respectable first-class, but this isn’t always the entirety you want to achieve competitive markets. Making it in such international you need to pay greater attention to marketing techniques. green marketing isn’t always always costly. It have to now not add financial burdens to your finances with out giving strong results. In fact, successful advertising will positioned your commercial enterprise in a great place and will not devour your economic sources. cellphone marketing is one of the most powerful and convenient promotion equipment that any business need to have. probably, all groups in Australia can experience higher capabilities in smartphone marketing thru inbound numbers. simple 1300 numbers and 1800 Numbers for Australia will make a huge difference on your enterprise.

1300 variety price

significance Of simple 1300 numbers  And 1800 Numbers In Australia

1300 and 1800 belong to inbound numbers in Australia. In easy phrases, inbound numbers are virtual telephone numbers that any business can use to acquire calls from any customers within Australian borders. those numbers are extremely famous amongst all commercial enterprise owners due to several reasons. those motives encompass:


Affordability is a fairly appreciated first-class for plenty enterprise owners, mainly uprising marketers or small commercial enterprise owners. Getting those numbers will not cost you a fortune. you may get those numbers for convenient and lower priced expenses, specially that there are many aggressive companies. additionally getting these numbers will not make you get new cellphone strains. they may paintings perfectly to your current lines. this means no extra costs for line subscription.


solid phone numbers are crucial for business fulfillment. clients can be actually confused if a business pronounces a brand new quantity each couple of months. In fact, clients will admire calling the identical wide variety all the time. expert inbound numbers in Australia will come up with such balance. relocating and commencing more branches are normal actions in all a success groups. It does now not make any feel to have a new wide variety each time you relocate or open a new department someplace. you can preserve your inbound number everywhere you cross inside Australia

expert representation

Inbound numbers are in fact able to giving professional impression for your present or capability clients.1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers for Australia look in reality professional on your touch data. when a customer makes a call to sure enterprise and pays little or no fees, he considers this a form of professionalism. these numbers will honestly recommend your credibility and contributes to improving the call and photograph of your business enterprise.

smooth to use And Memorize

Inbound numbers which includes simple 1300 numbers  and 1400 numbers in Australia are extremely clean to perform and memorize. you may face no demanding situations in operating those numbers. Your clients will discover no problems in memorizing and remembering them when they’re wanted. The more calls your expert inbound quantity receives, the more ability clients you will win.


Good Road Sit Comfortably Behind The Wheel

Good road

Sit comfortably behind the wheel. The cheap rent a car is probably the best way to explore Norway at your own pace. But do not forget that you share my route with cyclists, and sometimes pedestrians.

Since Norway is the longest country in Europe, you can easily underestimate the distance. For example, from Kristiansand in the South, it will take you almost 30 hours to get to the city of Hammerfest in the North.

Good news though – highways and highways have very little traffic and are well maintained in Norway, compared to the rest of Europe. Norway has more than 70 years of experience in using toll revenues to finance the construction of bridges, tunnels and roadways. cheap car rental The main arteries are part of the network of European Highways (indicated by an “E” in front of their number), which connects many cities, as well as regions of different countries.

Norway is a record of tourist routes, where every way (especially in Fjord Norway , in the mountains, and in northern Norway ) has views of the beautiful landscapes. Some routes are called Scenic Routes and are particularly recommended.

Norway’s Scenic Drives are 18 itineraries designed to showcase the natural beauty of landscapes: art, landscaping and architecture that bring you closer to nature. They travel through Fjord Norway , southern , northern and eastern Norway , covering a distance of 1,850 kilometers.

A trip back in time to see his classics again

About 700 meters above the Geirangerfjord, a group of antique car enthusiasts met up. Their combinations of vintage mechanics and 1960s James Bond suits perfectly match the 15 antique sports cars parked next to them.

Speed ​​limits

In general, speed is limited to 80 kilometers per hour in Norway, except in agglomerations or city centers, where it is limited to 50 km per hour except else specified. The maximum speed limit may be 30 kilometers per hour in residential areas, or 110 kilometers per hour on certain two-lane roads and highways. Of course, under certain conditions, for example in the case of poor visibility or slippery road, much lower speeds may be required.

Heavy vehicles (more than 3.5 tonnes) and cars towing caravans or trailers can not drive more than 80 kilometers per hour, regardless of the local limit. If the caravan or trailer is not equipped with brakes, the maximum speed is 60 kilometers per hour.


Adults must use a seat belt and for children under 135 cm it is mandatory to use child restraints appropriate to their weight.

Learn more about safety in cars .

Road tire

The road can be slippery even in cold weather. Because worn tires represent a serious risk, even on dry pavement. To drive in Norway, the tread depth of your summer tires should be at least 1.6 millimeters. For winter tires, the minimum depth is 3 millimeters. During the winter, you must equip your vehicle with winter tires, with or withot nails.

The use of studded tires is pertted from November 1st to the first Sunday after Easter Sunday. In Trom, Northland and Finn mark, studded tires are acceptable during the dated from 15 October to 3 Jul. Dotted tires may also be secondhand separate these sessions if the climate and surface conditions of the road make it essential.

If you fit studded tires on a car considering less than 3.6 tone’s, you have to mount them on all 4 tires. If ice or snow is forecast on the road, vehicles with a total weight of 3.6 tone’s or more are required to wear snow chains. These snow chains must be adapted to the wheels of the vehicle. Studded tires can be rented.

You have to pay a flat fee to ride studded tires in the city centers of Olso and Trondheim, a provision put in place to limit the pollution generated by cars with studded tires.


Learn more about tires and snow chains .

Do not abuse the brake

The brakes can overheat on long descents. To avoid this, drive at reduced power (speed that you usually use uphill). This way you will not have to brake very hard and the brakes will not warm up so fast. When you climb steep slopes, the engine of your car works hard. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge of the car because it can quickly overheat.

Traffic lights on

In Norway, all vehicles must travel with the dipped beam headlights on, even in direct sunlight. This obligation also applies to moped motorcycles. If you drive in a right-hand drive car, do not forget to use adhesive black triangles, or a beam-on-beam clip-on on your headlights, so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers. It is recommended to carry spare bulbs for your headlights.The  seat belt is also mandatory  for all passengers and children who weigh less than 36 kilograms or measure less than 135 centimeters must have their own car seat or a safety device. restraint (babies in a basket).

Mountain road passes

Weather conditions can cause some mountain passes to close – especially in heavy snow or winds. On some of the passes in the high mountains there may be snowfall and frost even when the weather is nice on the roads at low altitude, which often happens in April / early May and late September / October.

In the event of an accident

It is mandatory to have a red triangle and a fluorescent yellow high visibility vest in the car in case of an accident. Third party insurance is mandatory too.


Terminals with emergency telephone are installed on mountain roads and in tunnels. If you need help, call the following numbers, available 24 hours a day:

What are the necessary documents?

You need a valid driver’s license issued in your country of residence.

Some car rental companies in Norway only lend their vehicles to drivers who have had their license for at least a year. If you plan to stay in Norway for more than three months, you will need to obtain a Norwegian driving license.

Check if your driver’s license is valid in Norway.

Drink or drive, you must choose

Driving and drinking are not compatible – especially in Norway. Alcohol laws are very strict and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol are severe. The legal limit, which applies to the driver of any motor vehicle, is 0.02% alcohol.

Do not chat while driving

For security reasons, it may be useful to have a cell phone on you. But you certainly should not use it by holding it while driving. It’s even an offense that can cause you a lot of trouble – even if you do not have an accident.

Gas stations

For environmental reasons, prices for gasoline and fuel are relatively high. However, gas pumps set their own prices, and therefore the price of gasoline can vary from place to place. In the mountains and in remote areas, the distance between gas stations can be long.

LPG supply

There are more than 100 LPG supply points at petrol stations across the country.

The most commonly used filling system is the Dutch bayonet. Some pumps use the Italian disc system. Many stations provide an adapter so that you can resupply whatever system is installed on your vehicle. You can also buy your own adapter.


Opt for the electric or rechargeable hybrid

In 2015, more than 50,000 electric vehicles circulated on Norwegian roads, making Norway a world leader in this field. The Norwegian authorities are investing heavily in infrastructure and allowances for electric vehicles. Many fast charging stations are built on long-distance arteries between major cities. More and more hotels offer the possibility of electric charging, sometimes for free. Rechargeable Hybrid Vehicles (PHVs) also benefit from traditional vehicles.

Norwegian license plates with the EV sign or plug-in hybrid allow dedicated parking spaces and other special facilities. The rules and conditions of these benefits are constantly evolving. For help and more current information, please contact the Norwegian Association EV: +47 907 04 545.



There are many toll stations in Norway, the majority of which are automatic. All drivers must pay the toll, regardless of their nationality. Learn more about toll billing and how to register your car .

Rental car

It is possible to rent a car in most cities in Norway and at airports in the country. You can book your car online or in person with rental agents, or through your travel agent. We recommend that you make your reservation in advance, especially during the summer season.

Pub: Rent a car with Auto Europe

Pedestrians and cyclists on the roads

Norway has a humane road safety culture where pedestrians and cyclists have priority. Pedestrians who are about to cross the street expect you to slow down or stop. Cyclists do not always follow the rules of the road. By car, pay attention to all road users.

Definition Of VPS VPS Hosting Has Quickly

Definition of VPS

VPS hosting has quickly become one of the most popular hosting options available to consumers. VPS stands for private virtual server. It is a technology that allows multiple independent virtual servers to run simultaneously on the same physical server.

Traditionally, website owners only had two hosting options. It was shared hosting and dedicated hosting . With shared hosting, multiple sites are hosted on the same server. They share the same resources. The use of server resources by one website affects all other sites hosted on that same server.

The only alternative available for shared hosting was once dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting avoided the problems of shared hosting by allowing a website to be stored on a single dedicated server. However, this method has always been more expensive.

VPS Hosting vs. Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server

VPS hosting has been presented as an alternative to both options. With VPS hosting, multiple sites can be hosted on the same server. However, unlike shared hosting, they exist completely independently of each other as partitions of the hard drive. They do not share resources. They may also use completely different software that will not be affected by the software of other virtual private servers.

This technology may offer some advantages to website owners over other hosting options. The most important is better security. This is because different VPS accounts are totally isolated from each other, unlike shared hosting. This makes it much more difficult for hackers and other users on the same server to access a person’s files. Things like denial of service attacks are much less likely to affect a VPS user.

VPS accounts are also unlikely to be affected by the activity of other sites on the same server. Since VPS accounts are independent of each other, one website can not use the resources of the other site. Errors and other problems caused by some websites are also much less likely to affect other accounts.

VPS hosting also has some disadvantages that need to be considered. The first is the cost. Although VPS hosting usually costs less than dedicated hosting, since multiple accounts can share the same server, it is still more expensive than shared hosting.

Another possible disadvantage is that VPS hosting requires more management than a shared hosting account. System updates and security patches will need to be systematically installed, and some hosts expect VPS administrators to do this on their own.

VPS Web Host – 3 Primordial Features to Search

That said, VPS hosting may be the best hosting option for owners of multiple sites. However, there are three things you should look for in a quality VPS host. The first is root access. Part of the reason to buy a VPS server is to be able to take advantage of the ability to install software and applications yourself. Some web hosts do not offer this option.

Second, you need to check if a Web Hosting in Islamabad offers quality server management tools that are easy to use and understand. A virtual private server, such as a dedicated server, requires more management than a shared hosting account. Without quality management tools, you are likely to encounter problems.

Finally, you must consider the number of domains that a hosting provider allows a VPS account to host. The number must be quite high, even infinite. If the number seems low, you should probably look elsewhere for a better deal.

On Cheap Web Hosting in Pakistan, we have evaluated various web hosts that offer VPS. We invite you to read our web hosting reviews to select the web host that matches the needs of your sites.