15 Useful Tips For Independent Travelers

To enjoy the trip already at the planning stage

Many people are frightened by the idea of ​​organizing their own travel. Budget planning, a language barrier, a security issue are all legitimate reasons for concern. But you should not be afraid, just a few simple tips and tricks will help you not only fully plan your trip, but also get pleasure from it.

Until departure

Check account status

There is nothing worse than being in a foreign country with a blocked credit card. Many banks block transactions made from untypical places, suspecting that someone else is illegally using the card. To prevent this from happening during your trip, do not forget to warn your bank in advance about your trip – many companies allow you to do this through an online bank system. Such a simple action will allow you to make purchases anywhere without fear of being blocked.

Penny saves the ruble

Before you confirm your reservation, compare prices for the week and month of stay. Do not be afraid to ask the owner more about the conditions and cost. Such an approach will help you not only save money, but also learn more about the host. Ask all your questions: does it provide Wi-Fi and a hairdryer and can recommend the best cafes and bars.

Frame from the film “Eat, pray, love”

Alone but not alone

For those who travel to their own company is enough, but who also appreciate communication and want to see the city through the eyes of a local resident, there is nothing better than staying in the same house with a hospitable host. Be sure to read reviews from previous guests before confirming your reservation. And carefully review the photo at home to know what to expect. So, if you book your accommodation on Airbnb and want to make sure that the photos are original, check for the Airbnb symbol in the upper right corner of the image. The phrase “Verified Photo” will mean that the photos were taken by a professional photographer of the company.

Save time at the airport

Accelerate your baggage claim. Wait until it appears on the conveyor, it is extremely tiring to save time go to these guys. Experienced travelers know how to speed up this process. If you are limited in time, check the airport map in advance and try to travel light. If you have fragile luggage, be sure to inform the front desk. In this case, it will be handled not only carefully, but also put on top of the rest of the baggage, which means that it will first appear on the conveyor belt.

Relax on the road

When traveling long distances, stay fresh and look rested is almost impossible. Rules of airlines also do not contribute to this. Experienced travelers often get out of the situation filling the lens containers with their favorite moisturizers and lotions. All this, complete with earplugs and a sleep mask, will help you to sleep off in flight. Additional advice: Take a vacuum-packaged face mask; it will be easy to carry on board.

Shot from the movie “Terminal”

There is no truth in the legs

Pressure drops during the flight can negatively affect your body, especially the blood circulation. To avoid problems with veins and swelling of the legs, be sure to take along compression tights. In addition, try to do some simple stretching exercises and walk from time to time around the cabin of the aircraft. In this case, your flight will be comfortable and will not bring problems with blood circulation.

Being polite is nice

Perhaps the most important advice of all: be friendly and polite with the crew and passengers. You are unlikely to be transplanted to the first class, but additional attention and good attitude will be provided to you. Besides, being polite is right and pleasant.

Verified payment method

It is extremely important to pay for any booking through a special platform and not transfer money directly, even if the owner offers an impressive discount.

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