Reading notes

When you start a new piece, reading the notes is one of the first difficulties, you just have to read what is written on the scope. Reading the notes is a must for any musician, you cannot escape. It takes time, patience and training.

The more your lecture notes will be fast and accurate, the faster you can concentrate on the music (rhythm, interpretation or speed for example).

In addition to tips for learning music, I will give you some (some have already been mentioned in the previous publication) to work at best reading notes. You are free to follow them or not, half or not at all. There is a lot of common sense and sometimes it’s just what’s missing to do it right.

14 Tips for learning notes

  1. Work little but well and regularly

The first advice to give is to do this exercise of solfege in small dose but regularly. To do too much could disgust you, weary you, annoy you, discourage you…. It is better to do little but often. It is easier to stay focused for a short time and your mind may be less receptive to the passagage of time.

  1. Stay focused

During this exercise, be careful not to be disturbed by external elements such as the phone, children, television etc … A reading of notes deserves your attention and again, it is better to work 5 minutes effective than 20 minutes distractedly and by doing other things at the same time.

  1. Do not read too fast

Especially if you are starting out, do not try to read the notes too fast. It’s a bit like the ophthalmic … it reads easily the first 3 or 4 notes but after that is complicated…

To do it right, you must always know how fast you are “comfortable”. This speed can be measured with a metronome. In any case, take your time, it is especially important not to do bad reading. Better to go slowly and get good reflexes, have good habits than go fast and make mistakes.

  1. Increase the tempo gradually

Once your “cruising speed” is known, increase the tempo gradually. But as in any exercise where we look for speed, it is always necessary from time to time to return to a slow speed.

  1. Go crescendo in the difficulty

Do not try to read notes too complicated. It all depends on your level but if you are a beginner in music or if you are not very comfortable with this exercise, limit your exercise to 1 octave (from Do to Do for example), no more. Try to master some notes then expand as you go. If your progress is fast and solid (no or few mistakes), then you can see bigger (wider range of notes, faster ….)

  1. Read the notes in rhythm

Already discussed in the previous article titled “read the notes “, you can make this exercise of reading notes a double exercise: read notes in rhythm. Two cases may occur:

You make a reading of notes with the same figure of notes (as black for example, in any case no rhythmic notions): be sure to make a very strict reading of notes always in the rhythm, so no hesitation or precipitation. Take a metronome and at each “tic” or “tac”, say the note (aloud it’s even better).

You play random notes or with a score. It is better and in this case, respect the value of each note while reading. Also help yourself with a metronome or beat time with your foot, a pencil, a finger or whatever you want as long as the beat is steady and reliable (that’s why there’s nothing better than the metronome).

  1. Work by “pieces”

Do not get into too long exercises. If you take a score, do a reading on 10 measures for example. Set a goal before you start. There is always a beginning and an end to any exercise. Always favor quality over quantity. Similarly, if there are notes with which you block, you have trouble, do not hesitate to work separately.

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  1. Vary the keys to vary the pleasures!

Do not privilege a key (at random the key of Sol 😉 compared to another (the key of Fa). It would be a shame to master the key of Sol and to be more hesitant in key of Fa. It is necessary to vary the pleasures, so vary the keys. All of the above tips count: speed, exercise time, range of notes, patience…

To acquire a maximum of ease and flexibility, you can do the reading of notes in clef of Sol and key of Fa alternately. You can read a series of notes in clef of Sol then in key of Fa or then change of key with each note (more difficult).

  1. Write the notes to better retain them

Writing musical notes by saying them aloud can be a very beneficial exercise for memorizing. Without going to make the copying with the pace of punishment ;-), one learns much more by writing than by reading only.

  1. Read what you like!

Instead of taking a note reading page, take a work or song that you like for support. Nothing better than to have fun. If you’re starting a new song for example, take it as a note-reading exercise before or during your musical training.

  1. Be one step ahead

A very important point seems to me and not often mentioned, this advice will be just as true when you play. When reading notes, try to have a little bit of time between saying the name of a note and reading the next one. In short, there must be a tiny gap between speech and vision. You must always anticipate the next note, to avoid being surprised, to anticipate without of course altering the quality of your reading. Easier said than done of course, but think about it as it will be very useful when you play your instrument.

  1. Correct or get corrected

This seems obvious but it is better to write it: remember to correct or correct yourself because if errors slip in your reading of notes, you must of course correct the shot immediately. Do not take bad habits or bad reflexes, it will be worse after.

  1. Work and let rest

It can be very interesting to re-work a reading of notes after studying it and succeeding. So, after working on an exercise, put it aside and resume a few times later. A week, a month for example. It’s up to you to see … but it will allow you to see if you put less time, if your work time is faster and your reading of notes still (more) fluid.

  1. What exercises to do?

There are many exercises on the site with a reading of notes scrolling on a staff. This is also the case on Musiclic with this note reading exercise. It’s a good exercise but very sincerely, I think the really beneficial exercise is the one where you have to read the notes as if you were doing it to play a score, which is to read a series of notes that follow each other on a scope. Here are some links on Musiclic to guide you, other exercises are available in music theory games.

Create a Website with Word Press – Our Beginner’s Guide- WordPress Web Designers

say that we are not big fans of the custom wordpress website design online publishers like Jim do Wax or email onsite, would be a lie. Their ease of use has allowed millions of customers to be their own webmaster. But a site editor is not suitable for all situations. That’s why we want to show you how to create your own Word Press site.

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Note: In this article we will only discuss the open source version, Word Press .org, which can be used for just about any type of website. The Word Press .com version is easier to set up, but has fewer features and is only suitable for blogs.

I created my first blog in 2008 when I had no experience with Word Press or other console for blogging. I was pretty resourceful and I managed to get away with it without pulling my hair too much. Let’s say that Google was my best friend during this period! After 8 years of experience with the console, let’s say that I have greatly evolved in my learning. I even founded my own Word Press site design box.

I created this article to guide you step by step to help you open a blog easily and intuitively.

There are several services online to make a blog or a website. You may be tempted to go for a free online service, but be aware that you will be limited, and in some cases, somewhat problematic in the short, medium and long term. As they say, “You get what you paid for”. Using a paid service is far from expensive, you will see. Using a professional platform is the foundation of your project. With a concrete foundation, your blog is much more likely to succeed.

Of all the existing blog platforms on the web, Word Press is by far the most popular (source).

I have been using Word Press myself since 2008 and I greatly appreciate all its flexibility, features, and ease of use, very active community to help members of this community and for many other more technical reasons. This is by far the best choice. In addition, if you want a custom wordpress website design

 Without a blog, Word Press is also the platform to use.

Warning!  Have Word Press, you have two options. People are often confused by them, so here’s the explanation:

Word Press hosted by custom word press website design

.com servers:  a very limited product on many aspects such as visuals, features, etc.

Word Press hosted on your server: We are talking about this option when referring to a blog on the site “”. This is the option I recommend to you without any doubt.

Envelopment of Housing in Rural Areas- Rural Mortgage

Of the Kyrgyz Republic until 2010

(As amended by the Resolution of the Government of the KR dated February 10, 2006 No.90)

  1. Introduction
  2. The content of the problem and the rationale for the need to solve it

           Program methods

  1. The main goals, objectives, timeframe and USDA homes of the implementation of the Program
  2. Information and technical support for the implementation of the Program
  3. 1. Normative legal support
  4. 2. Scientific and methodological support
  5. 3. Information and consulting support
    • Financial and technical support
    • Staffing
    • Social mobilization
    • Good governance
  6. Activities of the Program
  7. 1. Development and adoption of amendments and additions to the
  8. Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic
  9. 2. Providing rural areas with settlement schemes and

Planning and rural development housing of rural settlements

5.3. Carrying out of research works

5.4. Development of measures for housing construction with

Determination of the order of their fulfillment in the territories of ail


  1. 5. USDA homes of measures by regional state


. Planning funds for ail activities

Komodo and district state administrations

. The actions of the regional state administrations to create

Staffs for the implementation of the Program

. The actions of staffs in the regional state administrations

Approval of comprehensive programs of ail komodo

. Implementation of Comprehensive Ail Komodo and District

State administrations

. Formation of the Action Plan of the regional state

. Actions of the State Commission under the Government

Of the Kyrgyz Republic on Architecture and Construction for

Organization of project and research

Of work

. Implementation of the Program, coordination of work and control


  1. Functions and powers of the authorities in

Program implementation

  1. Assessment of the effectiveness, socio-economic and

Environmental consequences of the Program implementation

  1. Conclusion
  2. Introduction

Program for USDA homes of Housing in Rural Areas

The Kyrgyz Republic until 2010 (hereinafter referred to as the Program) is developed in

Increase the welfare of the rural population, solve social

Problems, to optimize the migration processes in the republic and

To sustainable USDA homes of local communities in rural areas.

The number of citizens in need of housing and improvement of housing conditions,

From year to year increases. Provision of the total area of ​​housing in

Rural area as of January 1, 2003 is 11.5 square meters. M per one-

The person. In the republic, this figure is 12.4 square meters. M in the

Century, and in the cities – 13.5 square meters. M per person.

In accordance with the State program of housing construction,

In the Kyrgyz Republic, the total housing area for 2010

Year should be 14.2 square meters. m per person. The security of

housing area per capita in rural areas by 0.9 square meters. m less than

than in the whole of the republic, and by 2.0 square meters. m less than in cities.

Considering that by 2010 it will not be possible to achieve indicators of security

Housing in rural areas, equal to those in cities,

It is advisable to adopt the planned indicator of housing security

Rural residents in 2010, 13.0 square meters. m per person, which allows

Increase this indicator by 13.0% and significantly increase the level of

Welfare of the rural population. In this case, the task

Providing each rural family with a separate dwelling or apartment.

For this, it is necessary to build up to 4,962.7 thousand square meters by 2010. m total

Area of ​​housing in rural areas. The construction of residential buildings should

To be carried out under the projects providing seismic stability of structures,

With their supply of water, sewerage, electricity,

Supply and, if possible, gas supply.

For the construction of the planned amount of housing in

Rural areas need to attract investment tentatively

7846.01 million some.

  1. The content of the problem and the rationale for the need

SEO (SEO)- Houston Local SEO         Local SEO Company Houston

For this, there are many tools. I recommend the use of a free and simple tool, made available by Google, the keyword generator . You will find in a more detailed way on Superbibi the list of SEO tools in a general way or the local SEO company Houston tools specific to the semantic analysis .

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Optimize your content

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Technical optimization of a site

I may not go into too much detail here because it concerned the insiders and it would be like burning steps if I described everything right now. ust be aware that the first thing the engines will look at when visiting your site is the robots.txt file.

But the main interest of a technical optimization will concern mainly the architectural organization of a site, the optimization of the navigation and the internal meshwork in order to fluidify the presence of Do not forget also, code optimization. Feel free to visit the SEO section of the blog for more information on the subject.

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Choosing a provider or an SEO agency

SEO has become democratized and that’s good! Farewell SEO voodoos that use mystical techniques to push your site. Your first concern should be total transparency.

Make sure that the freelance or local SEO company Houstonis interested in the architecture of your site, its navigation and its netlinking. Beware of the famous technical audits, sometimes sold expensive, which are content to export an automatic scan. This scan is necessary but will represent only a small part of the work to be done, and above all will not necessarily require special expertise. Another important point: Google’s SEO is evolving enormously and very quickly. What was true a few years ago is not obsolete: it has become FALSE and will play AGAINST you. So make sure your future provider is someone dynamic, even passionate, which will ensure a certain freshness in terms of methods and expertise.

Finally, a good SEO agency will tell you about your site and not just general precepts. She will explain to you clearly the changes to make and especially why changes are necessary. No shadows should remain. A general advice to finish: do not hesitate to consult several providers to get a better idea  local SEO company Houston are not lacking and they are very uneven.


A Preferential Loan in Sberbank for Texas Veterans Home Loans

A specific program for veterans of military operations and labor in the Savings Bank, despite the fact that this bank is a state, no. If it is a mortgage, then it can be obtained on general terms, or within the home loans for Texas vet. Do not count on a guaranteed 100% positive result. The highest chances for approval of an application are only among NIS participants.

Privileged home loans for Texas vet in the Savings Bank war veterans can also receive only if they are participants in the NIS. In this case, they already have to be issued a mortgage (in Alfa Bank, Sberbank or in another organization), or they draw up it at this moment. This borrower can spend this additional loan on preferential terms to repay a part of the mortgage loan, to pay a contribution, or for any other personal purposes. It is not necessary to explain what exactly money will be spent on when making a loan. We must not forget about mortgage insurance, which is offered in all financial institutions. The maximum possible amount that can be obtained within such a loan does not exceed 1 million rubles, the minimum amount is 15,000 rubles. The interest rate will depend on the loan amount. If it is below 500 000 rubles, the interest rate will be equal to 19.5%, if more, but does not exceed 1 000 000 – 18.5%. If you take a loan for more than 500 000 rubles, you must necessarily have a guarantor. What does it take for a veteran to get a soft loan? Everything depends on what is required in a particular bank that offers such services. Typically, this is the standard set of documents that the borrower must provide, along with the application. Also, he must provide the bank with documents that officially confirm that he is a veteran.

What are the chances of a veteran getting a home loans for Texas vet on preferential terms? As it was mentioned above, the banks themselves do not provide such preferential terms in the overwhelming majority of cases. It is possible to rely only on the state, having addressed in corresponding bodies, having risen in turn, etc. Therefore the credit will be made out on preferential terms, and the state already in the form of the grant will soften bank conditions for the borrower. If state support is not initially confirmed, there is a high probability that the bank can refuse to issue a loan. The fact is that many veterans are disabled, do not work, etc. In this case, without the support of the state, the chances of obtaining a loan, especially for a large sum, are minimal.

Using Beautiful Custom Boxes To Package Your Creations And Gifts

Gifts are full of love and have emotional value as much as they have financial value as well. Packaging beautiful gifts in equally adorable packaging boxes that can also keep packaged gift products safe for their entire lifecycles is the number one priority for gift manufacturers and everyone else as well. Especially when you design and create your own personal specific gifts for any of your loved ones, using suitably designed Custom Boxes becomes even more significant.

Keeping in mind the fact that gifts are also presented by businesses to their employees as well, elegant packaging ideas for business packaging are also required as well as cute personal gift packaging ones. Using high quality durable materials is always a requirement and especially with more fragile products, even double layered Custom Packaging or one made from the extra safe corrugated stocks is very important. Here are some of the most beautiful and functional gift packaging ideas to help you find which one suits you best:

Custom Logo Printed Beautiful Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes with business logos on their top surfaces are business special gift boxes that can be presented in their packaged forms to employees on certain important events and occasions. Whether a team has done well or it is Christmas or Halloween, custom logo printed special business boxes can help package all gift products ranging in sizes, shapes or dimensions.

You can use similar printing boxes in different colors just to add a bit of color to their overall look or go for exactly same boxes for all your employees. When you go with the prior option of mixing different colors, organizing your gifts can be made easy at the same time as well. Other inner tray customizations including separated sections or custom printed inserts can also be used with ray and lid gift boxes or attached lid options as well. Here are a few examples:


Embellished Wedding Gift Boxes

One of the most popular gift presenting events around the world are wedding ceremonies. These beautiful events highlight a person’s style and taste in all things including gift packaging. The ideas is to present the most beautifully finished Custom Box with your lovely gift packaged inside that not only looks and feel great to you but for everyone else around at the time of presenting it as well as the bride or the groom at the same time.

Things are a little different with fancy wedding favor boxes presented by the brides or grooms to their loved attendees. All of wedding favor Custom Printed Boxes need to look similar and in similar design and color themes with that of the wedding arrangements. Both wedding gifts and wedding favor boxes are some of the most beautifully embellished going around in the market and are usually made to look better with attached embellishments as well. Watch thiss video for a great DIY wedding boxes idea where having the right materials and embellishments; you can create your own Custom Packaging..

Artistic Boxes for Art Crafts

Some beautiful art items are also used as gifts for the loved ones who have an eye for art. Artistic decorative pieces, picture frames, wall hangings and/or artistic personal use items including mirrors or beauty kits are all items popular with artistic people and they just can’t get enough of such gifts presented to them for social events like birthdays or festive occasions. Artistic Custom Boxes used with such arty gifts are the best packaging ideas.

Custom artistic printed boxes are available with cardstock materials made especially for the art loving people. Alternatively, you can also use wrapping paper with artistic printing for your Custom Packaging as well but be sure to stick it properly across most of the surface using glue or adhesive wrapping paper if possible. Have a look at a few examples highlighted below to find out about how artistic gifts can be packaged in full of art packaging boxes.

Fancy All-Purpose Gift Packaging

Gift packaging is one of the fanciest packaging options in the market and that is solely because of the fancy appeal they need to provide with custom gift products. Colors and embellishments are some of the most contributing factors that can make your gift packaging look outstanding or just standard. Bright vivid colors with fancy gift special customizations like ribbons, gold foil wrapping or shiny gloss used on top surfaces of packaging materials is a great idea and can make that difference for your packaged gifts.

Size and space will need to be customized to fit specific gift products in these beautiful boxes. You can also add other functional tray customizations like die cut inserts that can keep different parts of your packaged gifts (when they come in many parts) in their required places making everything organized and good looking for whenever gifts are unboxed. Have a look below for some great all-purpose gift packaging ideas and be as creative with your gift Custom Boxes to make them look and feel great.

Elegant and Unique Business Gift Boxes

As mentioned above, some businesses also use prepared gift boxes for their employees on certain occasions and events. Elegant and durable packaging is required for business gift packaging that can also create a positive image for your business at the same time.

Usually minimalistic elegant boxes work pretty well for business gift packaging. Single or dual tone boxes in tray and lid or attached lid format are the most practical and popular choices in the business industry. You can also have your business logos printed on these boxes or place a business card inside them to get that right feel for your packaged gifts. Here are a few examples.

Gift Boxes for Every Occasion

Gifts are presented on all occasions and events including weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, passing outs and anniversaries. Custom Printed Boxes with event specific color themed and printed designs look best for every specific event or occasion.

If you only need a few custom gift boxes for your required events, you can also make them yourself using high quality materials and a few of your crafty skills. Provided you are great with cutting and crafting, the possibility of creating your own DIY gift boxes for every occasion is a great one indeed. Watch this video for a beautiful custom gift box idea.

By Diminishing Sugars and Permitting Snacks, it Limits Desires

making it less demanding to follow over the long haul.

The New Atkins Eating routine is appropriate for veggie lovers and vegetarians.

What does the exploration say?

The Atkins consume less calories, since quite a while ago discredited, is by the by astounding by the thickness of its great outcomes, in the investigations which inspected it. Dr. Atkins has never himself occupied with logical investigations of his ” progressive administration .” He thought it was futile, since the outcomes were dependably there for these patients.

Nonetheless, Drs. Westman and Volek induced him to experience a logical assessment of his strategy, and there are numerous examinations accessible today that have evaluated the here and now and long haul impacts of the Atkins eat less carbs .

A standout amongst the latest, distributed in July 2008, looked at the adequacy on body weight of three sorts of eating methodologies: an Atkins abstain from food, low in starches and sugars, with no confinement on calories expended, an eating regimen like Mediterranean low in calories, and at last an eating routine low in fat and calories Rapid Tone Diet Result following two years: it was the general population who took after the starch-less than stellar eating routine who lost the most weight. They are likewise the ones who have seen their wellbeing enhance the most. (1) The examination included 322 reasonably fat individuals. Of the 272 members who finished the investigation, the normal weight misfortunes were 3.3 kg for the low fat eating regimen, 4.6 kg for the Mediterranean eating routine and 5.5 kg for the low fat eating routine Rapid Tone Diet Atkins compose eat less.

Another investigation distributed in the Diary of the American Therapeutic Relationship in Walk 2007 proposes that the Atkins eating routine is more successful than three different eating methodologies prescribed by nutritionists to shed pounds. (2)

Scientists at the Stanford College Institute of Prescription in the Unified States looked at for multi year the benefits of the Atkins, Zone, LEARN and Ornish eats less carbs and 311 stout or overweight ladies. The LEARN and Ornish weight control plans approach the customary proposals of nutritionists, while Atkins and Zone advocate lessening sugars. Subsequently, it is with the Atkins count calories that these ladies lost the most weight: by and large twice more than the others. Toward the finish of multi Rapid Tone Diet year, the ladies of the Atkins aggregate had lost all things considered 4.7 kg against 2.6 kg, 2.2 kg and 1.6 kg, individually for the gatherings LEARN, Ornish and Zone.

Their circulatory strain was additionally lower than with different eating methodologies and their blood triglyceride levels were lower.

In 2006, an English report thought about the Atkins eat less, low in starches to Thin Quick (high protein), Weight Watchers (low in calories, with mental help as gathering gatherings) Rosemary Conley (low in fat, Weight Watchers Bolster The outcomes at a half year demonstrate that all projects have roughly a similar weight reduction, which has been joined by a diminishing in midsection outline, and the Atkins eating routine seems, by all accounts, to be more compelling in the course of the most Rapid Tone Diet recent four months. to begin with weeks Rapid Tone Diet

At long last, the 2006 investigation of a few of these examinations contrasting a low-fat eating regimen with a low-starch Atkins or Zone eating routine reasoned that the last “are presumably at any rate as compelling as the first to shed pounds”. (4)