Procedures When Windows 10 Creators Update Does Not Install

Some users complain that they can not install the download windows 10 iso  Creators Update v1703 upgrade on their system .

Apart from any error message specific to this problem, the users affected by this problem indicate that it always returns to the previously installed version. Normally, the system must restart without the upgrade. But some users report that the installation hangs at half or 75% of the update, and then reboots sharply.

Unfortunately for many users the Windows Update Troubleshooter does not fix the problem

In this kind of situation, try the basic steps that follow when a Windows update fails to install. In addition to these steps, some of the following items could also be useful and therefore tried:

Note: some links are in English

1 – Check the integrity of the system files

Open the command prompt as administrator, type or copy / paste the command  sfc / scannow and confirm with Enter

Note: Unlike anything that can be said on the web, we can also use this command without space between SFC and / SCANNOW unless we use PowerShell

: Do not close this Command Prompt window until the check is complete. The analysis results are displayed after this procedure is complete.

More info: System File Checker

plete, if no problem has been detected, you will get the following message: ” The Windows Resource Protection program found no integrity windows 10 iso

If problems have been detected and you get the following message:

” Windows Resource Protection found damaged files, but failed to fix them all . ”

Please see the following article: Using DISM to repair Windows 10

2 – Delete the $ WINDOWS. ~ BT   and $ Windows. ~ WS folders

Show hidden files and. Open File Explorer and in the tabs at the top, select the View tab .

In the Explorer banner, check the ” Hidden Elements ” option .

Windows. ~ BT and $ Windows. ~ WS folders are created by Windows during the upgrade process. In the case of an upgrade that fails, it is best to delete the folders and start the upgrade process again.

You can delete some files and folders after upgrading download windows 10 iso  using Windows Disk Cleanup ( cleanmgr.exe ), right-click Disk Cleanup and select ” Run as Administrator “. You will see an option ” Previous installation (s) of Windows “. Check this option, view and verify other options and click Yes

. This will erase ~ 25 GB to see more disk space. When you select this option, the Disk Cleanup tool deletes the Windows.old folder as well as the $ Windows. ~ BT folder , but not the $ Windows. ~ WS folder .

advise you to delete these two folders $ Windows. ~ BT and $ Windows. ~ WS , as well as the folder Windows.old , only when you are sure that your installation of download windows 10 iso  is working well and that you do not plan to restore your computer. Otherwise, you will get the message ” Sorry, but you can not go back.” The files we need to take you back to a previous version of Windows have been removed from this PC ” The period during which you can perform a restore to the previous version of Windows 10 is 10 days (imposed by Microsoft). unless you use a disk image made with third-party software

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