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say that we are not big fans of the custom wordpress website design online publishers like Jim do Wax or email onsite, would be a lie. Their ease of use has allowed millions of customers to be their own webmaster. But a site editor is not suitable for all situations. That’s why we want to show you how to create your own Word Press site.

We use every day. We have written this guide to show you in which situations Word Press is a good solution – and when it is not.

. With an online publisher, you almost never have to worry about the technicalities. With custom wordpress website design

.org however, you will need some technical knowledge to administer your website.

One of the great benefits of Word Press is its scalability: once your site is installed on this platform, there is almost no limit. Here are some concrete examples where to use Word Press is interesting:

You are in a very competitive market and you need specific SEO features (optimization for SEO).

Note: In this article we will only discuss the open source version, Word Press .org, which can be used for just about any type of website. The Word Press .com version is easier to set up, but has fewer features and is only suitable for blogs.

I created my first blog in 2008 when I had no experience with Word Press or other console for blogging. I was pretty resourceful and I managed to get away with it without pulling my hair too much. Let’s say that Google was my best friend during this period! After 8 years of experience with the console, let’s say that I have greatly evolved in my learning. I even founded my own Word Press site design box.

I created this article to guide you step by step to help you open a blog easily and intuitively.

There are several services online to make a blog or a website. You may be tempted to go for a free online service, but be aware that you will be limited, and in some cases, somewhat problematic in the short, medium and long term. As they say, “You get what you paid for”. Using a paid service is far from expensive, you will see. Using a professional platform is the foundation of your project. With a concrete foundation, your blog is much more likely to succeed.

Of all the existing blog platforms on the web, Word Press is by far the most popular (source).

I have been using Word Press myself since 2008 and I greatly appreciate all its flexibility, features, and ease of use, very active community to help members of this community and for many other more technical reasons. This is by far the best choice. In addition, if you want a custom wordpress website design

 Without a blog, Word Press is also the platform to use.

Warning!  Have Word Press, you have two options. People are often confused by them, so here’s the explanation:

Word Press hosted by custom word press website design

.com servers:  a very limited product on many aspects such as visuals, features, etc.

Word Press hosted on your server: We are talking about this option when referring to a blog on the site “”. This is the option I recommend to you without any doubt.

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