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For this, there are many tools. I recommend the use of a free and simple tool, made available by Google, the keyword generator . You will find in a more detailed way on Superbibi the list of SEO tools in a general way or the local SEO company Houston tools specific to the semantic analysis .

It is a very useful tool since it informs you of the average number of searches carried out on the terms that interest you, in addition to advising you on semantically related and therefore potentially interesting terms. You should theoretically target one main keyword per page. However, each page, if the content is sufficiently developed should be able to bring what are called visits related to the long tail, that is to say searches consisting of more than 2 or 3 words, which are very specific and not very competitive.

Optimize your content

Once the keywords are defined for each page, you can develop your content around these keywords. It is advisable to write at least 250 words but the more there will be, the better. Go on a basis of 300 words per page when possible. These numbers are obviously generalist and write 200 words a page will not necessarily penalize, on the contrary. No need to repeat your keyword 100 times per page, writing content around the keyword, using synonyms and a minimum instance will in theory be enough to write an optimized text. For pages targeting the most competitive keywords, the keyword density (weighted, it’s even better) will however be more decisive, and quoted the word more than once will be a necessity. Also remember to highlight your keyword when possible: bold, specific color, link on the word, everything is good to put a word in value.

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Technical optimization of a site

I may not go into too much detail here because it concerned the insiders and it would be like burning steps if I described everything right now. ust be aware that the first thing the engines will look at when visiting your site is the robots.txt file.

But the main interest of a technical optimization will concern mainly the architectural organization of a site, the optimization of the navigation and the internal meshwork in order to fluidify the presence of Do not forget also, code optimization. Feel free to visit the SEO section of the blog for more information on the subject.

The more the links are contextualized and coming from popular sites, the more powerful they will be. So if the site of the Elysee makes a link to a site, it will be considered extremely important by  All sites are not equal according to Google. In the same way, if a cooking site makes a link to my blog, this link will be taken into. If a site dealing with web marketing makes a link to Superbibi, then, even if this site is less important to Google, this link will be much more valuable because it will come from a site of a similar or similar theme.

Choosing a provider or an SEO agency

SEO has become democratized and that’s good! Farewell SEO voodoos that use mystical techniques to push your site. Your first concern should be total transparency.

Make sure that the freelance or local SEO company Houstonis interested in the architecture of your site, its navigation and its netlinking. Beware of the famous technical audits, sometimes sold expensive, which are content to export an automatic scan. This scan is necessary but will represent only a small part of the work to be done, and above all will not necessarily require special expertise. Another important point: Google’s SEO is evolving enormously and very quickly. What was true a few years ago is not obsolete: it has become FALSE and will play AGAINST you. So make sure your future provider is someone dynamic, even passionate, which will ensure a certain freshness in terms of methods and expertise.

Finally, a good SEO agency will tell you about your site and not just general precepts. She will explain to you clearly the changes to make and especially why changes are necessary. No shadows should remain. A general advice to finish: do not hesitate to consult several providers to get a better idea  local SEO company Houston are not lacking and they are very uneven.


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