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What are the advantages of a roller blind? What are the important points to check before buying your roller blind? What is the price of a standard size roller window shutters in style blind? Finally, find out how to put your roller blind on your own or with a storist? Or install a roller blind without drilling thanks to the mounting bracket.

Advantages of the roller blind day / night

The advantage of a roller blind is double: its price and ease of installation with or without drilling required. The roller blind is lightweight and installs inside your home very close to the glass of the window. It is therefore not bulky. With your roller blind, you have a chain that allows you to wind / unwind your awning as you want and you adjust the height of your awning and the brightness in your room.

We call a roller blind day / night. The day format of the window shutters in style makes it possible to sift the sunlight. The night format allows to hide the light. Much like a venetian blind, you can now with a roller blind manage the brightness in your interior.

Choice of awning fabric

No matter what awning you buy, outdoor awning, roller blind for indoor use. The choice of fabric for your roller blind is fundamental depending on the atmosphere you want to bring to your room. There are different types of fabrics, from translucent canvas to blackout. Depending on the fabric chosen, the light will pass more or less in your room. However, unlike Venetian blinds that have adjustable blades that can effectively adjust the penetration of light in your home. The roller blind is limited for the management of light, so be careful to choose the right fabric according to the room in which the roll-up blinds will be placed.

  • For your fabric, manufacturers now offer a wide choice:
  • Choice of the color of the canvas.
  • Choice of the reason.
  • Choice of the opacity of the canvas.
  • The matter.

Roller blind function

There are different types of roller blinds, each with its own use. Depending on the atmosphere you want to give to your room, you have to ask yourself the question: what do you want to do with the light that enters the room? All window shutters in style will give you the possibility to regulate the diffusion of light in the room but also to:

Sift the outside light.

  • Partially or totally hide to obtain complete black.
  • Protect yourself from prying eyes
  • Price of roller blind
  • Price of roller blind small width

We speak of roller blind of small width for those which does not exceed the 60 cm. For the purchase of this roller blind, plan a budget of 15 to 60 Dollars according to the options, the height and the type of fabrics that you will choose

Price of standard roller blind

A standard size roller blind is called the shade of 60 cm width up to 100 cm maximum. This size of roller blinds will suit the vast majority of windows installed. For the price of a roller blind standard size, it takes between 30 Dollars and 100 Dollars.

Price of roller blind large width

With regard to the prices of roller blinds of large width or bespoke, the prices are higher. Here, we are talking about roller blinds that are more than 1 meter wide, it will take a budget of 40 Dollars including VAT for the first prices. For wide-width window shutters in style, expect around 150 Dollars per roll-up blind, rarely more than 200 Dollars including VAT. The price can go up according to the chosen options including the size of the fabric, the motorization or not of your roller blind etc.

Price for fixing a roller blind without drilling

The main advantage of a roller blind is the possibility to put it without piercing your interior. Ultra practical solution, the game of 2 mounting brackets will cost you between 5 to 10 Dollars. This solution is ideal if you are renting an apartment.

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