5 Custom Mugs Ideas To Offer The Perfect Gift

Do you have any ideas for your gifts? Our custom mug ideas will allow you to create a unique gift box by simply adding a few extra touches.

We have listed 5 unique gift box ideas based around the personalized Personalised Coffee Cup  . You just have to create your mug and find the little extra touches.

It’s easy to create and it will give a smile every morning to anyone who offers it … the person will think of you every time they drink their coffee.

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  1. The tea set

This thoughtful gift is super easy to create, and will be very useful in the kitchen. Pack different types of tea in transparent bags and tie them with tea name tags. To make the gift even more special, you can describe the properties of each tea on the label. For example … chamomile tea for peaceful nights

Perfect for … a mom who loves tea

  1. The chocolate box

Encourage your friends to create their own delicious hot chocolate in their Personalised Coffee Cup -personalized by giving them a variety of chocolate bars that they can melt into a succulent drink. Add some marshmallow and a spoon to mix and everything will be ready. You can even include chocolate spoons to go faster. Then you just have to add milk.

Perfect for … a friend who loves sweets .

  1. The coffee box

We all have a colleague who never sleeps until 10 am without a cup of coffee. Make them happy with this gift box full of attention. Pack coffee beans in individual kraft paper bags and close them with labels describing the type of coffee. Then add a short description on its aroma. For example … nutty and rich taste, or sweet and fruity Add a coffee maker if you really want to pamper it or spoil it.

  • Perfect for … a coworker addicted to caffeine
  1. The gardening cabinet

Planting a festive plant in a mug is an original way to introduce some greenery into their home. You can use an inspirational quote on the Personalised Coffee Cup  or a cute message like “water me every day”. Include a small shovel in your box so that they can replant it in the small vase if the roots become too long.

  • Perfect for … close to the green hand
  1. The cake box

It has never been easier to make a cake than with this simple recipe! Provide all the ingredients for a baking pastry chef to make his own cake in his Personalised Coffee Cup  They simply pour all the ingredients into the mug, cook for about 1 minute and decorate it as they please. We love whipped cream and icing sugar.

Perfect for … bakers in the making

If all these ideas made you want to give away gifts, go browse our creative ideas  on the blog to find even more inspiration.

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