Property Valuation

When entering into the charter capital of a joint-stock company, the property needs to estimate the market price of shares paid by non-monetary funds

In the situation of the purchase of shares by the joint-stock company at the request of shareholders

When selling the enterprise or part of the debtor’s property in the period of not internal management, when selling the property in the course of bankruptcy proceedings.

Objects of compulsory and voluntary assessment:

  • Real estate objects
  • Buildings, dwellings (houses, apartments, cottages)
  • Land plots, forests
  • Air, space, sea or river vessels
  • Movable property
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Business
  • Revaluation
  • Shares and other primary and industrial securities
  • Shares and shares
  • Intellectual property (intangible assets)
  • Trademark
  • Patents
  • Goodwill
  • Know-how

A lot of operations are carried out with the help of voluntary assessment. Management decisions today are taken only on a comprehensive analysis of the market situation. The effectiveness of these decisions in most cases depends on an objective assessment of value. Only relying on its results, you can count on the maximum return on transactions with your property. So, very often it is necessary to revalue property, business, or assets of the enterprise. In such cases, the cost estimate is mandatory.

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Voluntary assessment is carried out in the following cases:

Evaluation of the investment project of a new business

In order to study the prospects for business development, a material assessment of the investment project is required. This assessment may show the likelihood of achieving the projected results and find reserves. An objective expert report can allow management to make the right decisions about the project.

Evaluation to improve the effectiveness of today’s management of the company (for personal internal use of its own)

Evaluation is used in two cases: 1) to identify redundant assets from which you need to get rid, as they aggravate production; 2) to find undervalued assets.

  • Valuation for the purpose of buying, selling a business or its part
  • Valuation for the purposes of additional issue, pledge of securities
  • Valuation for business restructuring purposes
  • Valuation for insurance purposes
  • Valuation for tax purposes
  • Determination of damage or loss of profits
  • Evaluation in case of voluntary liquidation of a business or a part thereof
  • Evaluation of certain types or separate objects of an enterprise’s property

Valuation for the purpose of revaluation of fixed assets when entering into the charter capital of a joint-stock company, the property needs to estimate the market price of shares paid by non-monetary funds

  • Valuation for the purpose of revaluation of fixed assets
  • Valuation for the purpose of revaluation of fixed assets Property valuation

Property valuation for inheritance

In order to get a quick assessment of the property to register your inheritance, you need to contact Evaluation Pro. Real and effective property valuation for the registration of inheritance is carried out by qualified specialists. They will prepare an evaluation report for the inheritance in a short period of time, as well as conduct a procedure for the preparation of evaluation lists.

Often, several owners become heirs. That is why it is so necessary to conduct a timely assessment of the property of your home. For each owner it is necessary to provide your own package of documents. Valuation of property for the registration of the inheritance is carried out, based on the location of your apartment. Evaluate the inheritance received as a gift, you can have experts. After the assessment of your property is much easier to formalize the property in the property, in particular, to issue an inheritance.

Valuation of property for inheritance includes inspection of the inherited property, obtaining documents for the purchase or sale of your property, viewing all information about your apartment, as well as obtaining a full package of documents for all your property. The valuation of the property is carried out based on the cadastral value.

Estimation of property is necessary for payment of the state duty, which implies entering into the inheritance, payment of the state duty gives a full guarantee that your property will be divided in strict accordance with regulatory legal acts. The property is valued based on the area of ​​your property, as well as on the date of acquisition of your property. The property acquired before 2005 is estimated much cheaper than the property acquired after 2005. A full evaluation of your property gives a full guarantee that the property will be divided into all heirs in strict accordance with the regulations. When creating an assessment of your property, specialists strive to make a qualified division of property between the addressees, as well as the division of property into owners.

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