Envelopment of Housing in Rural Areas- Rural Mortgage

Of the Kyrgyz Republic until 2010

(As amended by the Resolution of the Government of the KR dated February 10, 2006 No.90)

  1. Introduction
  2. The content of the problem and the rationale for the need to solve it

           Program methods

  1. The main goals, objectives, timeframe and USDA homes of the implementation of the Program
  2. Information and technical support for the implementation of the Program
  3. 1. Normative legal support
  4. 2. Scientific and methodological support
  5. 3. Information and consulting support
    • Financial and technical support
    • Staffing
    • Social mobilization
    • Good governance
  6. Activities of the Program
  7. 1. Development and adoption of amendments and additions to the
  8. Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic
  9. 2. Providing rural areas with settlement schemes and

Planning and rural development housing of rural settlements

5.3. Carrying out of research works

5.4. Development of measures for housing construction with

Determination of the order of their fulfillment in the territories of ail


  1. 5. USDA homes of measures by regional state


. Planning funds for ail activities

Komodo and district state administrations

. The actions of the regional state administrations to create

Staffs for the implementation of the Program

. The actions of staffs in the regional state administrations

Approval of comprehensive programs of ail komodo

. Implementation of Comprehensive Ail Komodo and District

State administrations

. Formation of the Action Plan of the regional state

. Actions of the State Commission under the Government

Of the Kyrgyz Republic on Architecture and Construction for

Organization of project and research

Of work

. Implementation of the Program, coordination of work and control


  1. Functions and powers of the authorities in

Program implementation

  1. Assessment of the effectiveness, socio-economic and

Environmental consequences of the Program implementation

  1. Conclusion
  2. Introduction

Program for USDA homes of Housing in Rural Areas

The Kyrgyz Republic until 2010 (hereinafter referred to as the Program) is developed in

Increase the welfare of the rural population, solve social

Problems, to optimize the migration processes in the republic and

To sustainable USDA homes of local communities in rural areas.

The number of citizens in need of housing and improvement of housing conditions,

From year to year increases. Provision of the total area of ​​housing in

Rural area as of January 1, 2003 is 11.5 square meters. M per one-

The person. In the republic, this figure is 12.4 square meters. M in the

Century, and in the cities – 13.5 square meters. M per person.

In accordance with the State program of housing construction,

In the Kyrgyz Republic, the total housing area for 2010

Year should be 14.2 square meters. m per person. The security of

housing area per capita in rural areas by 0.9 square meters. m less than

than in the whole of the republic, and by 2.0 square meters. m less than in cities.

Considering that by 2010 it will not be possible to achieve indicators of security

Housing in rural areas, equal to those in cities,

It is advisable to adopt the planned indicator of housing security

Rural residents in 2010, 13.0 square meters. m per person, which allows

Increase this indicator by 13.0% and significantly increase the level of

Welfare of the rural population. In this case, the task

Providing each rural family with a separate dwelling or apartment.

For this, it is necessary to build up to 4,962.7 thousand square meters by 2010. m total

Area of ​​housing in rural areas. The construction of residential buildings should

To be carried out under the projects providing seismic stability of structures,

With their supply of water, sewerage, electricity,

Supply and, if possible, gas supply.

For the construction of the planned amount of housing in

Rural areas need to attract investment tentatively

7846.01 million some.

  1. The content of the problem and the rationale for the need

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