Read It! How To Iron The Patches?

We are living in the world that is all about the fashion and style these days. Everyone these days makes efforts to look stylish and attractive. In fact, people spend many dollars on making their appearance better. Well, it is not wrong to make efforts to make your appearance attractive. But you can be stylish even without spending thousands of dollars on clothes. A great way to give your dresses a funkier and beautiful look is to attach the Patches. By adding the Patches on the sleeves of your favorite denim jacket and proudly display it to your friends.

A great way to express your individuality:

Patches are a fantastic way to show your personality. It gives you an opportunity to look different from others. You can add a Patch to your jacket’s sleeves or show it on the pockets. Guess what? You can also hide the torn or damaged part of clothing by attaching a Patch to it. Besides for the fashion and style the organizations use the Patches to express their culture. You may have seen the Patches on military or police uniforms.

Also, many companies have uniforms with the particular Patches on it. But remember one thing that if a company has its particularly designed Patches, you cannot add it to your clothes. You can find the custom Patches San Diego online as well.

How to iron on a Patch?

Now it is the time to get information about how to iron on a Patch:

  • First of all, understand what type of Patch you have because some Patches come with the glue. But some Patches come with the cloth backing. If you understand the kind of Patch you have, then it becomes easy to decide that whether you need the additional materials or not.
  • Make sure that the fabric is as heavy as the Patch you want to install on it. Denim and cotton clothing is the best base for Patches. Some clothes have a care label on which they describe that you can iron on it or not.
  • Before heating up the iron, you should decide where you will place the Patch. Decide whether it will look great in the pocket or you want it on the sleeves.
  • You have planned to set more than one Patch then, be careful while placing it. Make sure that there is enough room for putting the other Patches on cloth.
  • Lay the base item on the ironing board to iron the Patch. Make sure that it is providing a suitable surface for the Patch. Then iron it.
  • Then place the Patch on the exact position you want. Check before ironing the Patch that it is not crooked.
  • Place a towel on the Patch and then iron it. Hold the iron on the Patch for fifteen seconds and then press down firmly.
  • After doing so sew the edges of the Patch to make it secure.


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